Lance armstrong 09

Lance Armstrong

  • The Gift

    The Gift
    When Lance was only 13 years old he won the Iron Kids Triathlon and became a professional at 16 years old.
  • Period: to

    Lance Armstrong

  • Junior World Champtionsips

    Junior World Champtionsips
    His rise to greatness still appeared effortless, Lance qualified for the junior world chapionships in moscow in 1989.
  • Operation Desert Storm

    Operation Desert Storm
    U.S. led coalition defeats Iraqi military forces and liberates Kuwait in Operation Desert Storm
  • Lance rises

    Lance rises
    Lance won ten titles including the U.S. Pro Championship, and stage 8 in the Tour de France. He was 22 and the youngest road racing world champion ever.
  • Massacre

    Hutu militias kill 500,000-1,000,000 Tutsis during Rwandan Genocide.
  • Number One

    Number One
    Lance was ranked the number one cyclist in the world. He also became the first American to win the Belgian classic Fleche Wallone. He was on the 1996 Olympic team. Signed with team Cofidis. In October, Armstrong was diagnosed with testicular cancer. The cancer spread to his lungs and brain. Weeks after his cancer diagnosis, Cofidis cancels his professional contract with them.
  • United States Postal Service

    United States Postal Service
    Married Kristin Richard. Signs with U.S. Postal Service. Finished the year by winning the Tour de Luxembourg.
  • "Its Not About The Bike"

    "Its Not About The Bike"
    Finished second at Paris-Camembert and third in the French Dauphine Libere and Classique des Alpes. Won the Tour de France. Published "It's Not About The Bike", about his comeback from cancer, which became a best seller.
  • Twin Towers

    Twin Towers
    Terrorists attack United States. Hijackers ram jetliners into twin towers of New York City's World Trade Center and the Pentagon. A fourth hijacked plane crashes 80 mi outside of Pittsburgh.
  • Making History

    Making History
    Wins the Tour de France again, becoming one of five riders who have ever won four Tours de France.
  • Iraq

    United States and allied forces invade Iraq in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
  • Accused

    Weeks before the start of the Tour de France, Lance was accused of taking performance enhancing drugs. Begins relationship with singer Sheryl Crow after he devorced his wife in 2003. Helped launch the Livestrong campaign. Wins a sixth Tour de France.
  • Retirement

    Announced his retirerment from professional cycling after the 2005 Tour de France. Wins his seventh and final Tour de France.
  • 8th Tour de France win?

    8th Tour de France win?
    Lance comes back to the Tour de France to try to win his 8th but doesn't win. Lance wins the Nevada City Classic which is one of the most difficult professional races in the U.S