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  • GOAL!

    I like this book becuase it is about the sport I play and you can be nothing one day and the next a priemer league star.It is written by Robert Rigby its about a soccer player called santiago munez got spotted on the streets of los angeles and got a trail at the top of the priemer league newcastle. written by robert rigby. this 2 books
  • diary of a wimpy kid

    diary of a wimpy kid
    This book is about a boy has his ups and downs in the school year and at home nothing is any better for him thier. I like this book because you never know whats going to happen next is he going to get busted or is going to let get off the hook and it is so funny. by
  • diary of the wimpy kid rodrick rules

    diary of the wimpy kid rodrick rules
  • diary of the wimpy kid last straw

    diary of the wimpy kid last straw
  • Goal Glory Days

    Goal Glory Days
    Its about santiago munez and spain are playing friendlys before the 2010 world cup and the journey begins.I like this book because its about soccer and that he finds out what it is to be famous. by Robert Rigby
  • diary of a wimpy kid dog days

    diary of a wimpy kid dog days
    its a book about what greg heffley does in the holidays. All he wants to do is play video games but his family have diffrent plans. I like this book because its full of things that you could do in the holidays and its full of comedy.
  • The silver dragon

    The silver dragon
    Apprentice wizard, Denzil, lives in medieval times, and only knows books as rare and precious handmade objects. So when Denzil travels to the future and sees books made on machines, he wants to invent such a machine himself. But, as usual, Denzil's spell gets out of hand and he puts himself, and his friends from the future, in terrible danger.
  • Harry potter and the philosopher stone

    Harry potter and the philosopher stone
    Harry Potter, a normal eleven-year-old boy, discovers that he is a wizard. Long ago, Harry's parents were killed in a battle with the evil Lord Voldemort. Harry is living miserably with his repulsive and nonmagical Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon Dursley, and their even more revolting son, Dudley. Harry finds himself at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with an outrageous cast of characters, including super smart Hermione Granger, vile Draco Malfoy, sinister Professor Snape,
  • january

    it is writen by gabielle lord.it is really good action packed book with adventures on every single chapter. Its about a boy that is called callum ormond a old man told him he has 365 days to live. he has been on a boat that blew up and he was in shark invested water.
  • Hatchet

    Its about brian and he went on a glider plane and the plane crashed in the Canadian forest and the only thing he has got to survive is a hatchet. I like this book because brain has berly anything to live on and how he surived in the wildernes for so long. by Gary Paulsen
  • scorched bone

    scorched bone
    In the early stages of man's development one tribe invented the Clovis point - a deadly stone arrowhead combined with a throwing stick. Like the A-Bomb millennia later, this new technology would change the balance of power within the scattered tribes, ensuring that only the fittest survived.
  • The wednesday wizard

    The wednesday wizard
    When apprentice wizard Denzil miscasts a spell, he finds himself transported from his medieval village to the twentieth century. After much mischief and mayhem, he manages to return to his own time and place.
  • The Escape

    The Escape
    I like this book becuase it was a book about the war.Its about world war 2 and top secret information is the target. the germans and the french spys are trying to get there hands on it and finish the war. It is stored with two children with a dead father and mother. They are trying to get past german lines and the french lines to get on a boat and give the information to the british. written by robert muchamore
  • Denzil's dilemma

    Denzil's dilemma
    Apprentice wizard, Denzil, is in big trouble. Valvasor has found out about his wickedness. How can Denzil prove that he is not a liar and a thief and that he only borrowed the sacred charm. He remembers his friend Sam and casts a spell to bring her back into his century. Sam's arrival dressed like an angel causes more problems for Denzil.
  • The Faceless Ones

    The Faceless Ones
    It is written by derek landy. It is about two infestagaters that have a
    term 2
  • The Great Bear Burglary

    The Great Bear Burglary
    Determined to save Wimpy the dancing bear from further cruelty, Denzil the medieval wizard apprentice decides they must both go and live with Sam MacAllister and her family, seven centuries into the future.
  • brians winter

  • october

    the book is written by Gabriele Lord.
  • grey wolves

  • secret army

  • maximun security

  • eagle day

  • class A

  • danny the champion of the world

  • james and the giant peach

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  • the BFG

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  • charlie and the chocolate factory

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  • the recrut