Kurt Cobain

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  • Kurt Is Born

    Kurt Cobain is born.
  • Kurt's Drug use starts

    During the winter Kurt began to use heroin to relive his stomach pains that were caused by a pinched nerve, It was later treated, But his drug use continued. He used heroin 7 days a week by the winter of 1990.
  • Nirvana forms.

    Kurt, Krist and drummer Aaron Burckhard form the original lineup of Nirvana in Aberdeen, Washington.
  • Nirvana signed to Seattle label 'Subpop'

    They recorded "Bleach" For only $600 But, they didnt have enough money to record the rest of thier last song "Pen cap chew" So they left the halfway recorded song, and put it in the album.
  • Kurt and Courtney get together

    Kurt had met Courntey before, but kurt hadn't been very interested in Courtney even though she had made advances. When they met again about a year later at a Portland nightclub, they bonded over family issues and drug use. They were inseperable from then on.
  • "Nevermind" is released

    People were critical of there first album, but Nirvana began to build a fan base. There second album "Nevermind" was released, and they were at the hight of there fame.
  • Frances Bean is born

    They were madly inlove and got engaged quickly, soon after, news was out that Love was pregnany with Cobains child. Frances Bean was born in August of 1992. Kurt was extatic, he spent all the time he could with her.
  • Near death experience

    Kurt flew to Rome after a failed rehab attempt to meet back up with Courntey and daughter Frances. When Kurt arrives he checks into a hotel room where he awaits Courtney's arrival. Courtney finds Kurt on the floor when she awoke the next morning. He was prosumed to be dead at the scene but he later came back in the hospital, telling Courtney in a note to eff off, and then asking the nurse for a strawberry milkshake. He had overdosed on Courtneys prescription pills.
  • Rehab

    Kurt arrived at the rehab facility in LA on the 30th, agreeing to go only for fear of losing his daughter. He immediately began a detox treatment. He was there for only a short time before he escaped by sneaking over a wall in the yard. He headed to Seattle.
  • Kurt is found

    Kurt is found dead in the greenhouse of his Washington home, seven days after leaving rehab. Courtney had hired someone to install lights outside the greenhouse, a man spotted Kurts body from outside.