Korean War Timeline

By Ben Wan
  • Soviet successful testing of atomic bomb

    news caused panic in Washington as US did not expect the soviets to achieve atomic capability until mid 1950 at the very least.
  • Fall Of China

    Nationalists had quit the Chinese Mainland and retreated to the off-shore island of Taiwan. People's republic of china formed, Mao invited other governments to establish diplomatic relations with china
  • Acheson's defence perimeter speech

  • SU finally agreed to invasion

    Rejected a few times before this date, but at this point in time, warned kim that russia would not intervene directly in this conflict.
  • 30 year mutual assistance treaty signed

    SU promised to provide china with $300 million in credits
  • NSC 68

    Stated that US diplomacy was aimed at:
    1) confining of communism to those areas where it already existed
    2) gradual erosion of soviet influence and power within the soviet
    3) The downfall and transformation of the soviet system itself. Also proposed a substantial increase in military strength, which would be the only way of maintaining US relative advantage over the soviet union at that point in time
  • North korean forces crossed over into south korea

    90k NK troops, 150 T-34 tanks
  • US sponsored resolution in the UNSC calling for military action against NK.

    resolution was only passed as SU was boycotting meetings due to US refusing to accept communist china on the SC. Outcome of resolution:
    1) 75% public approval in US for this decision by truman
    2) US committed 260,000 troops, other UN troops 35000
  • Seoul Captured by NK

  • UN forces suffering major casualties in 2 days

    11,000 casualties of which 3000 are US
  • NK recaptured Seoul

  • Operation killer launched

  • Operation Ripper launched

    Both operations, with superior firepower and command of the air, enabled UN troops to recross the 38th parallel.
  • Peace talks began, but dragged on for 2 years.

    1) Repatriation of prisoners of war
    2) Stalin was influencing negtiations from afar, wanting more concessions extracted from US.
  • Death of Stalin

  • Armistice reached

    Total casuaties:
    US: 33629
    UN allies:3000
    Communist dead and wounded: 2000,000