KLEDI KADIU, dancer ,teacher and actor from Albania

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In History
  • Birth

    Kled Kadiu was born in Tirana, Albania.
  • Degree

    He took a degree at the National Dance Academy and joined the Tirana Opera Ballet in Albania.
  • The travel

    The travel
    He arrived in Italy with the vessel "VLORA" with 200.000 people on board.
  • The first television experience

    The first television experience
    Kledi Kadiu did his first television experience in Italy. He took part into three important TV shows.
  • New school of dance

    New school of dance
    He founded a dance school,"Kledi Dance", in Roma.
  • The first cinematographic experience

    The first cinematographic experience
    Kledi Kadiu had also his first cinematographic experience as actor in two famous films

    He was a testimonial of a project for UNICEF
  • Charlotte Lizzari

    Charlotte Lizzari
    Kledi Kadiu lives with his partner, Charlotte Lizzari, a French dancer.
  • Lèa

    Kledi Kadiu and Charlotte have a child,Lèa.
  • Married

    He married Charlotte and today they live happily together.