• Period: 1082 BCE to 1010 BCE


    Saul lived from 1082 to 1010. He was king for 40 years. He was also not a good king. he was dishonest and made a lot of bad choices
  • Period: 1062 BCE to 1010 BCE


    He was David's friend. He saved David from Saul, and kept him from being killed. He went to battle and ate food which was not allowed. Jonathan died in battle.
  • Period: 1050 BCE to 1010 BCE

    Saul Reigned

    Saul reigned as king for 40 years. He was not a good king. He was dishonest and lacked integrity. He was scared to fight Goliath.
  • Period: 1040 BCE to 970 BCE


    David was king. David killed Goliath. He ran from Saul because Saul was trying to kill him.
  • 1029 BCE

    David was anointed

    David was anointed
    Samuel anointed David. Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed David king. The Lord left Saul, and went to David. And the Lord tormented Saul.
  • 1024 BCE

    Saul is angry at David

    Saul is angry at David
    Saul was mad at David and wanted to kill him. Saul was mad that David was getting all of the attention.
  • 1000 BCE

    David's birth

    David's birth
    David's parents were Jesse and Nitzevet.
  • 987 BCE

    David and Goliath

    David and Goliath
    Jesse sent David to check on the battle and his brothers. Saul was to scared to fight and the philistines were taunting them. David went out to fight Goliath without any armor. Then David picked up 3 round stones and David killed Goliath with a slingshot and a stone.
  • 931 BCE

    Abijams birth

    He was born to Maacha. He was born in Jerusalem.
  • Period: 909 BCE to 886 BCE


    His parents were Ahijah the Shilonite. He had a son named Elah. He was a bad king and killed a lot of people. He became king in the 3rd year of when Asa king of Judah reigned.
  • Period: 886 BCE to 885 BCE


    He was the son of Baasha. He was an evil king and he reigned for 2 years. Zimri killed him while he was drunk.