king Arthur

  • 1 Uther and Igraine

    1 Uther and Igraine
    Uther and Igraine are in love. they ask for help to Merlin. He helped them but they have to give him their first child
  • 1 Sir Ector

    1 Sir Ector
    Merlin took Arthur with Sir Ector and his son Kay.
  • 1. KING DIED

    1. KING DIED
  • 1. Sword in the stone

    1. Sword in the stone
    Arthur went to London, when he was young. saw the sword. Only the king could take it. Many knights tried to get the sword from the stone. Kay tried
  • 1, Arthur tries

    1, Arthur tries
    Arthur tried to pull the sword and he took it easily
  • 1. Good king

    1. Good king
    When the knights find he is the king, Arthur said he will be a good king. People was very happy. Merlin told Arthur about his parents.
    He is strong and brave
  • 2. CAMELOT

    2. CAMELOT
    Arthur went to Camelot, that is a very important city. He met Guinevere and he loved her. He wanted to marry her. Leodregrounce was her father and he was happy. They marryed
  • 2. Round table

    2. Round table
    Arthur creates a round table with his knights. He wanted a round table to show that nobody was more important than other. 150 Knights were in it.
  • 3. The queen Annoure

    3. The queen Annoure
    The queen Annoure wanted to keep Arthur in her castle, but king Arthur went out.
  • 3.Avalon

    The sword of Arthur broke in the fight and Merlin took him to Avalon . A magic place
    In the lake Arthur had a new sword and a magic scabbad from a lady.
  • 3. Bad Queen Annoure

    Queen Annoure lied to Pellinore and sir Pellinore tried to kill Arthrur, but he couldn’t kill him. Arthur won the fight. Sir Pellinore tried to explein to Arthur that the Queen didn`t say the true and Arthur understood.
  • 4. Morgan le Fay

    4. Morgan le Fay
    Morgan le Fay was a bad queen. She wanted to kill King Arthur. King Arthur went to the wood to hunt but left Excalibur with Morgan. He saw a ship and went into and stayed to sleep
  • 4.Sir Damas castle

    4.Sir Damas castle
    When he woke up he was in Sir Damas castle. Sir Damas wanted he fighted for him. He gave him Excalibur to fight.
    He fighted but it wasn`t Excalibur. He won and the other Knight, Sir Accolon had Excalibur. Morgan gave it. He didn`t know that it was Arthur.
  • 5. Merlin taught King Arthur to be kind to people

    5. Merlin taught King Arthur to be kind to people
    Merlin taught King Arthur to be kind to people and he helped with his magic. They built Camelot
  • 5. Merlin went to the cave

    5. Merlin went to the cave
    Merlin told to king Arthur he was no being more time with him. he was going to a cave and he won't come back
  • 5. Vivian is bad

    5. Vivian is bad
    Vivian lived with the lady of the lake. She went Camelot to learn magic. She wanted to take Merlin to the cave to be the greatest magic woman
  • 6. Guinevere goes to the wood

    6. Guinevere goes to the wood
    Guinevere goes to the wood with her knights and ladies, when she went back sir Meligrance stopped her
  • 6. knigths fight for the queen

    6. knigths fight for the queen
    The knghts fight but they were worse than the others. Guinevere said she went with Sir Meligrance.
  • 6. Sir Lancelot went to save the Queen

    6. Sir Lancelot went to save the Queen
    The knights went to Camelot and told to Lancelot. He went to fight sir Meligrance.
    Sir Meligrance felt afraid and took Guinvevere to Camelot. He asked sorry
  • 6. Lancelot arrived the castle

    6. Lancelot arrived the castle
    Lancelot arrived the caslte of Merigrance and the Queen told him that Merigrance was sorry. They stayed in the caslle that night. Merigrance was afraid he thought Lancelot will kill him.
  • 6. Sir Meligrance lied

    when they arrived to Camelot, Sir Meligrance told Arthur that he didn't take the queen. he told him that the queen went because she loved him.
    King Arthur was very angry with Sir Meligrance
  • 7. Tristram was born

    7. Tristram was born
    The King Lyonesse desapeared and the queen went for him. She has the baby and called him Tristram what means sad. The queen died and the king got married with other woman. She didn’t love Tristram
  • 7. The Queen wanted to poison Tristram

    7. The Queen wanted to poison Tristram
    The queen tried to kill Tristram with poison, but her son drank before and died. Later, she tried again and nearly died the King. Tristram went with his uncle Mark
  • 7. Fight Tristram to Marthou

    7. Fight Tristram  to Marthou
    Sir Marthou from Ireland, went to the casltle and fought with Tristram. Tristram killed him but he is poisoned with his wound. Sir Mark sent him to Ireland to cure. In Ireland lied to the king and his daughter Isolt cured him.
  • 7. Sir Palamides

    7. Sir Palamides
    Sir Palamides loved Isolt and Tristram fought with him but he didn`t kill.
  • 7. Tristram and Isolt died

    7. Tristram and Isolt died
    Tristram sang love songs to Isolt and King Mark saw them. They fought and Tristram died. Isolt died also.
    Arthur got angry and sent a knight to kill king Mark
  • 8. Sir Galahad

    8. Sir Galahad
    Sir Galahad is presented to king Arhtur and his Round Table. An old man brought him. he was Sir Lancelot son.
  • 8. the Grail

    8. the Grail
    Sir Galahad and other knight found the Grail and took it to Camelot
  • 9. Ginevere ran away

    9. Ginevere ran away
    Ginevere ran away from the castle. She thougnt Arthur was dead. Sir Gawing die
  • 9. Sir Mordred wanted to kill Arthur

    Sir Gawing said to Arthur in a dream that dom’t fight Mordred. Lancelot will help him. But they fight and Arthur killed Mordred
  • 9. Arthur died

    9. Arthur died
    Arthur is week and sent Sir Bedivere to throw Excalibur to the lake. But he didn`t do it.. he wanted it for remermber him. At the end He did it and an arm took it from the water. He took Arthur too to the lake to die