Ki hajar dewatara

By Yzil18
  • Birth of Ki hajar Hajar dewantara

    Born to his Pangeran Soerjaningrat and Raden Ayu Sandiah
  • Early life education

    He graduated with basic education in ELS, which is a Dutch primary school. Then he studies at STOVIA, a medical school for students. Sadly he failed to graduate because he was sick.
    ( No source I could find had the date of this event so I just put a random date)
  • Protest movements

    Soewardi was also active in political organizations. Since the making of Boedi Oetomo in 1908, he has actively promoted public awareness of Indonesia as a nation. He also organized Boedi Oetomo's first meetings in Yogyakarta.
  • Dutch anniversary

    Dutch anniversary
    In 1913, the Dutch East Indies government wanted to collect money to fund the anniversary of Dutch independence from France in 1813. The donations were drawn from Dutch East Indies citizens. Soewardi, a pro-independence nationalist was critical of this decision, which he reacted badly.
  • Exile

    , while in exile in the Netherlands with the Indonesian student group Indische Vereeniging. Soewardi was particularly interested in the ideas of Western education founders like Fröbel and Montessori, Santiniketan, an important player in the Indian education action, and the Tagore family. These basic inspirations helped Soewardi develop ideas for his unique educational system. (estimated date)
  • Taman Siswa

    Soewardi went back to Java, in the Dutch East Indies, in September 1919. He immediately paired with his brother to build a school in his hometown. When he built the Nationaal Onderwijs Instituut Ampel, also known as the national college, his educational background and teaching skills proved to help develop his idea for teaching in school. A select group of Javanese wealthy families. At that time, native people had no access to education.
  • Tut Wuri Handayani

    Ing ngarso sang tulodo, ing madyo mangun karso, tut wuri handayani is how the proverb is written in Javanese. Which means that "those in front should lead by example, those in the middle should lift their spirits, and those in the back should encourage." The saying serves as Taman Siswa's guiding idea. Today, It was intended to represent the kind of teachers who, after imparting knowledge to their pupils, are going to encourage them in their pursuit of knowledge.
  • Death Soewardi

    On October 4 of the same year, he was selected to the occupation government's Javanese Central Advisory Council.Ki Hajar Dewantara was chosen to serve as Indonesia's Minister of Education and Culture in the country's first government in the 1950s. He was awarded an honorary degree honoris causa in 1957 by Gadjah Mada institution, the first institution in Indonesia.On April 26, 1959, he passed away in was buried to rest in the Taman Wijaya Brata cemetery.