Kevin Rudd

By ddawgz
  • Kevin's birth

    Born in Queensland to Albert and Margaret Rudd. He was youngest of four children.
  • Sickness

    Kevin had a rheumatic fever and his heart was damaged.
  • Father's death

    Kevin's father died.
  • Labor Party

    Kevin joins the Australian Labor Party.
  • Education

    Kevin is awarded as dux of his highschool, Nambour State High School.
  • Department of Foreign Affairs

    He works for the Department
  • KPMG Australia

    Hired as cosultant by KPMG Australia.
  • House of Representatives

    Kevin was the first person to be elected intp the House of Representatives.
  • Labor Party

    He is elected as Leader of Labor Party against Kim Beazley.
  • Prime Minister

    Kevin is elected as the 26th priminister of Australia. First act was the signing of the Kyoto Protocol and the apology speech to the Indigenous Australians.
  • Stabbed in the back

    Kevin is replaced by Julia Gillard, his colleague.