Kevin Durant

  • Born

    He was a great player at such a young age. He would later come on to be stud.
  • Where he was born

    Where he was born
    He was born in a very large hospital. People new that once he was born he would become one of the few to be a great player.
  • High School

    High School
    After switching twice he switches again to Montrose Christian. He wanted a better playing experience.
  • Played for Texas in college

    Played for Texas in college
    When he first got out of college he went to Texas. He only played there for one year.
  • Drafted

    Drafted only after one year playing with Texas. He was the second pick out of the draft.
  • Award

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    On his first year vhe got the best award. The rookie of the year award.
  • T-Mobile Rookie of the Year

    T-Mobile Rookie of the Year
    Named rookie of the year in first year. He was an outstanding player.
  • Misses olympics

    Misses olympics
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    He misses out on going to the olympics. He had to wait it out for four years.
  • Jersey Retierd

    Jersey Retierd
    He has his jersey retiered. The school said he was there best player.
  • Works for olympics

    Works for olympics
    Kevin is working trying to get on the team again. They won it in 2008 with them.
  • Most Points Scored

    Most Points Scored
    Click for more info' >Click here for ststs</a>51pts is when he had his best game. All of his teamates seem to think that he is a stud.
  • Worst Game

    Worst Game
    http://www. 12pts was his worst game last year. He thinks that he needs to focus harder on his game.
  • 2012 finals

    2012 finals
    The Thunder lost the series to the Heat 4-1. They should have won but whatever.
  • Olympics

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    He has gone to the summer olympics every year. I think that he is one of the best players of them all.
  • All Star Game

    All Star Game
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    He had 30pts shooting over 50%. He was 3 for 8 from the three point line.