Kayodes Timeline

By Yode123
  • United Nations Formed

    United Nations Formed
    When the UN was first formed there were 51 nations involved. Big countries involved consist of the United State, United Kingdom, China, Russia, and France.. It was created to maintain international peace and security
  • hollywood 10

    hollywood 10
    Hollywood 10 was a group of ten Americans who were investigated for possible communist beliefs and potential threats. These ten Americans refused to answer questions on the subject as they believed it went against their first amendment right
  • Truman Doctrine

    Truman Doctrine
    The Truman Doctrine was a U.S foreign policy that the U.S, should give support to countries who are threatened by the Soviet Union it was also made by Harry Truman who was President at the time. The Soviet Union saw this as a declaration of the Cold War.
  • Marshall plan

    Marshall plan
    The Marshall plan was also known as the European recovery plan. It was made for Western Europe to be supposed by the U.S following the devastation of WW2.
  • NATO is formed

    NATO is formed
    NATO was created by the U.S, Canada, the United Kingdom, and several other countries... it was made in order to provide security against the Soviet Union
  • korean war

    korean war
    The Korean War lasted 3 years 1950-1953. This war was known as a ¨Proxy War¨ for the Cold War. On the South Korean side were the US, UK, and the United Nations. On the North Korean side were the soviet union and china.
  • Space Race

    Space Race
    The Space Race was a competition between the United States and the Soviet Union. This competition was in order to achieve superior space technology and achievements. It lasted from 1995- July 17, 1975... it technically ended once the United States landed on the moon.
  • Bay of pigs invasion

    Bay of pigs invasion
    The bay of pigs invasion was a failed invasion made by the Cuban Exiles with about 1,500 people who opposed Fidel Castro. Only lasted 3 days
  • Berlin wall went up

    Berlin wall went up
    On August 13th, 1961 the berlin wall was put up dividing Germany in two it was made to prevent its population from escaping Soviet-controlled East Berlin to West Berlin
  • United States enters the Vietnam

    United States enters the Vietnam
    The reason the U.S joined the War against Vietnam was in order to prevent the spread of communism. The U.S lasted until 1973 when they signed a peace treaty with North and South Vietnam and the vietcong
  • Soviet Union invades afghanistan

    Soviet Union invades afghanistan
    The Soviet-Afghan War. Smaller armies in afghan fought against the soviet union in a guerilla-type fashion for nine years. The reason they invaded in order of upholding the Soviet-Afghan Friendship Treaty was because of the internal conflict in Afghanistan
  • Berlin wall goes down

    Berlin wall goes down
    The Berlin Wall fell after half a million people gathered in East Berlin in a massive protest. After this protest, East Berlin officially made political changes and the government loosened some of its rules resulting in the well being taken down