Katelyn S.

By SJRebel
  • Frank L. Wright (culture/architecture)

    Frank L. Wright (culture/architecture)
    This date his mom bought some land. He built himself a home which he calls Taliesin.He finished in May 1911.
  • Martha Graham

    Martha Graham
    This is the date when the Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance was established. She retired in 1969 but cotinued working with her company.
  • Charles Richard Drew (scientifically/suregon)

    Charles Richard Drew (scientifically/suregon)
    This is the date he graduated from Amherst College in Massachusetts. He also did some research on plasma. He became the medical director of the Red Cross.
  • J. Robert Oppenheimer (scientifically/physicist)

    J. Robert Oppenheimer (scientifically/physicist)
    This was the date his test bomb exploded. He said,"If the radiance of a thousands suns ...".
  • Ray Kroc (economically/chef)

    Ray Kroc (economically/chef)
    This day Ray opened the first McDonalds in the world. On his first day he opened he made $366.12. By 1961he had 130 outlets.
  • Henry Louis Gates Jr. (culturally/professor)

    Henry Louis Gates Jr. (culturally/professor)
    This Date is when he was hired as a secretaryin the Afro- American studies department. He was promoted as an assisant professor in 1976
  • Maya Angelou (culturally/author)

    Maya Angelou (culturally/author)
    This is the date she talked at Bill Clinton's inogeration. She also wrote her first book called "i Know why the caged Bird Sings". It is about her growing up inthe Great Depression.
  • Bill Gates (academically/ co-founder of microsoft)

    Bill Gates (academically/ co-founder of microsoft)
    This is the date that gates made his archive speech about Microsoft. Hesaid," We've really achieved the ideal of what I wanted Microsoft . . . ".