Kaspayne's Invention Timeline

  • Telephone

    Inventors: Alexander Graham
    Purpose: to get a hold of someone without meeting in person with them.
  • Electric Light Bulb

    Electric Light Bulb
    Inventor: Thomas Edison
    Purpose: was to have light in different areas.
  • Machine Gun

    Machine Gun
    Inventor: Heldge Palmcrantz (doesn't have specific date)
    Purpose: to hurt/kill/destroy people/place/things
  • Corn Flakes

    Corn Flakes
    Inventor: Will Keith Kellogg
    Purpose: to have a more varieties of breakfast foods.
  • Roller Coaster

    Roller Coaster
    Inventor: LaMarcus Adna Thompson
    Purpose: to have fun
  • Coca Cola

    Coca Cola
    Inventor: John Stith
    Purpose: so people have different varieties to drink from
  • Camera (handheld)

    Camera (handheld)
    Inventor: George Eastman
    Purpose: to remember memories.
  • Radio

    Inventor: Guglielmo Marconi (doesn't have specific date)
    Purpose: to listen to news/music
  • Air Conditioners

    Air Conditioners
    Inventor: Willis Haviland
    Purpose: if it's realling cold in a specific area, if you turn on the A/C it wall make it cooler.
  • Airplane

    Inventor: Orville and Wilbur Wright.
    Purpose: to fly in the air or to get to another area fast.
  • Neon Light

    Neon Light
    Inventor: Georges Claude
    Pupose: to have colorful lights and not plain ones. For like, outside decorations or christmas decorations, or sign decorations, to get people's attention.
  • Life Savers

    Life Savers
    Inventor: Clarence Crane (doesn't have specific date)
    Purpose: to have "summer candy" & to have different varieties of candy.