Justin History of Earth timeline

  • Period: to


  • Cambrian 570 M-500 M

    Cambrian 570 M-500 M
    Earliest Record of Marine life. Trilobites are abundant.
  • Ordovician 500M- 435 M

    Ordovician 500M- 435 M
    Invertebrates are abundant. Earliest Fish that are Jawless evolve and later, jawed and armored fish.
  • Silurian 435 M- 395M

    Silurian 435 M- 395M
    Earliest land plants and animals.
  • Devonian 395 M- 345M

    Devonian 395 M- 345M
    Armored fish go extinct, but fish thrive. Earliest amphibians evolve.
  • Carboniferous 345M-280M

    Carboniferous 345M-280M
    Abundant sharks and amphibians. Large swamps and coal forming forests. Earliest reptiles.
  • Permian 280 M-225M

    Permian 280 M-225M
    Mass Extintion of lots of Marine Life.
  • Triassic- 225M-195M

    Triassic- 225M-195M
    Early Dinosaurs, and confers
  • Jurassic- 195M-136M

    Jurassic- 195M-136M
    Earliest birds and mammals, abundant dinosaurs
  • Cretaceous- 136M-65M

    Cretaceous- 136M-65M
    Earliest flowering plants, Height of dinosaurs, but metoroite made them extinct. Lots of of bony fish.
  • Tertiary- 65 M- 1.8M

    Tertiary- 65 M- 1.8M
    Earliest Pouch Mammals, birth of modern mammals, and large running mammals
  • Quaternary- 1.8 M – Present

    Quaternary- 1.8 M – Present
    the birth of Humans