15 justin bieber 2011

Justin Bieber

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    Justin Bieber timeline

  • Justn Bieber is born

    On this day Justin Bieber was born to be a star and live to reprsent his family globel
  • Justin Bieber hits youtube because of him and his mom

    This is the year that him and his mom started posting his songs/videos and started to fastly started to begin his big career
  • Justin plays at the White house

    Justin plays for president Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama for Christmas in Washington DC
  • "Baby"

    This is the day that Justin releases his hot single "Baby" and it brings many of millions hits
  • JB shows up at Saturday Night live as a musical guest

    He shows up as a musical guest for the second time in his career he sand U-Smile on the stage and made the crowd leap from their seats
  • JB gets hit in the head

    Poor Jb he was unlucky he got hit with a water bottle and in his words "That didn't feel good"
  • Time line

    On this day i made this timeline you are reading now
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    Made a timeline of Justin Bieber