Viaje al centro de la tierra. Julio Verne.

Timeline created by Juan Jesús Luque Carmona
  • Julio Verne's birthday.

    Julio Verne's birthday.
    In 1828 was borned Julio Verne. In Nantes, France.
  • Period: to

    Journey to the center of the earth.

  • Publication

    "Journey to the centre of the earth" was published in 1864 by Julio Verne. This book was write in Frenc.
  • Ilustrations

    Ilustrations were painted by Édouard Riou.
  • First film

    First film
    In 1959 "journey to the center of the earth" was filmed by the director Henry Levin. The film was produce by 20th Century Fox.
  • A Hollywood film

    A Hollywood film
    In 2008 was released by Eric Brevig. The lead role is Brendan Fraser, he is considered one of the best Hollywood actors.
  • The last film

     The last film
    "Journey to the center of the earth 2: the mistery island" was written by Richard Outten (history of the film).
  • Opinion

    It is considered one of the best mistery and adventure books in the 20th century.