-Hugo Acuna was born in Santiago, Chile to Miguel Acuna and Olga Fernandez.
    -Family was middle class
    -Dad works as a Doctor and encouraged his childeren to find a career in the same line of work
    -Hugo was the baby of the family out of 5 childeren
    -3 sisters
    -1 brother

    -Gwendolyn born in Santiago, Chile
    -Gwendolyn was the 3rd born child out of 5 childeren of Lelin James and Carrie Norman
    -2 brothers 2 sisters
    -Middle class family
    -Lelin James was an engineer for a compan that produced matchine parts for mining
  • Graduated highchool

    Graduated highchool
    -Hugo graduates high school at Barros Arana
    -Santiago, Chile
    -Boarding school that ran from kindigarten to the 12th grade

    -Gwendolyn went with her friend to the beach where she met her friend's cousin, Hugo.
    -Hugo at the time, was a medical student and insists on driving Gwendolyn back home on his motorcycle
    -Gwendolyn: 21 years old
    -Hugo: 23 years old
  • Political chaos in Chile

    Political chaos in Chile
    -Chile had always had political issues, however, during the 1960's, their government came under control of "Conservative-Liberal Coalition",
    -the president was elected in response to strong opposition from the newly legalized Communist Party and the newly formed Christian Democratic Party
    -parties proposed a ten-year plan that included various government reforms/resuming ties with the USSR.

    -Political unrest and disturbances very strong for the next decade.
  • Wedding

    -Wendy and Hugo are married at a church in Santiago, Chile
    -small wedding
    -Payed for their own wedding
    -Hugo: 26 years old
    -Gwendelin: 24 years old
  • Medical Deegree

    Medical Deegree
    -Hugo was earned his medical degree.
  • Ariel Acuna is Born

    Ariel Acuna is Born
    -Ariel Acuna is born in Santiago, Chile
  • Carolina is born

    Carolina is born
    Carolina is born in Santiago, Chile
  • Paulina is Born

    Paulina is Born
    -born in Santiago, Chile.
  • Move to America

    Move to America
    -Hugo wanted to continue his medical education
    -Chile was about to become a Communist Country
  • Communism

    -Allende became the first president elected on a Marxist-Leninist program in a non-Communist country of the western hemisphere.
  • Military takeover

    Military takeover
    -General Augusto Pinochet takes military control of government.- -Allende commits suicide.

    -Military is now in complete control of government. It immediately suspended the constitution, dissolved Congress, banned all politcal parties.

    -Military embarked on a campaign of terror against leftist (communist) elements in the country.
    -Thousands were arrested; many were executed, tortured, or exiled, while still others were in prison or simply disappeared.
  • Hugo in Medial Training

    Hugo in Medial Training
    -completed fellowships in surgery at Lahey Clinic in Boston
    -Sloan Kettering Foundation Memorial Hospitle in NY
    -Completed residency training in gerneral surgery at Boston University
  • Gwendolyn Graduates High School

    Gwendolyn Graduates High School
    -Gwendolyn never finnished high school in Chile
    -she addmited herself to Wellesley High School while her son, Ariel, and dautgher, Carolina, were attending (my father and aunt)
    -Students figured Gwendolyn was a guest teacher
    -Usually sat in the back of the classroom with her youngest daughter (Paulina) because she had no one to watch her
  • MOVE BACK TO CHILE (uh-oh)

    MOVE BACK TO CHILE (uh-oh)
    -Student visa permitted the Acuna's from staying in America any longer
    -U.S. goverment required Acuna's to go back to Chile for at least 2 years and reaply for a new (immagrant) visa
    -"most immportantly, the socialist/communist Chilean goverment had been overthrown by then and we belived there was now hope for a safe and good future for our childeren in a free Chile"-Guendelin Acuna

    -An immagrant visa was offered to the Acuna family, where they could take it or leave it
    -If they did not take their visas now then they would have to start the process of obtaining a visa all over again (several years)
    -Once back in the states Hugo was able to earn his "license" to practice medicine and surgery in the US
  • Surgery

    -Hugo finally earned his "surgical specialty" degree when passing his surgical examinations
    -He finally finnished with all his medical training "the icing on the cake"-Hugo