Theodosius dobzhansky

joshua metellus period 5

  • When Theodosius Dobzhansky was born.

    When Theodosius Dobzhansky was born.
    He was born in Russia.
  • Marriage

    He married natalia sirvertzera.Natalia was a geneticist and had theodosius daugther named sophie.
  • Emigrated

    He went to america on a shcolarship to the international Education of the rockefeller foundation.He had pioneered use of fruit flies in a genetic experiment.
  • books

    he publishs book like modern synthesis,the synthesis of evolutionary biology with genetics, and genetics of the origins of species.
  • Awards

    In 1937 he won Daneil Giruad Elliot medal.He won it for his work of Genetics and the Origin of Species.
  • natalie died

    natalie died
    his wife died of coronary thromebosis.
  • Diagnosed

    He was diagnosed with lukemia and had a few months to live.
  • elected

    he was the first president of bga.
  • lukemia

    he went to calforina for treament.
  • he is gone.

    he is gone.
    he died of heart failure.