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Joseph Stalin

  • Stalin Is Born

    Stalin Is Born
    Vissarionovich Dzhugashvil, later known as Joseph Stalin, is born in Gori, Georgia. He was his mother's fourth child to be born in less than four years. The first three died and as Joseph was prone to bad health, his mother feared on several occasions that he would also die. At the age of seven he contracted smallpox. He survived but his face remained scarred for the rest of his life and other children cruelly called him "pocky".
  • Period: to

    Jospeh Stalin

  • Stalin Enters Tiflis Theological Seminary

    Stalin Enters Tiflis Theological Seminary
  • Stalin Gets Expelled

    Stalin Gets Expelled
    Stalin Involves himself in a revolutionary organization called, “Messame Dassy”. When school authorities found this out, he was expelled from the Seminary.
  • Stalin Hunt

    Stalin Hunt
    Stalin started giving private lessons to middle class children. Since, the job he was doing was not a regular and time bound, Stalin had sufficient time to motivate workers and peasants in organizing strikes and shutdown. He soon became popular among the laborers and low class working people. His popularity also caught attention of the “Okhrana”, secret police of the Monarch. On April 3, 1901, the police launched a manhunt to capture the persons involved with revolutionary activities.
  • Stalin Arrested

    Stalin Arrested
    Stalin gets arrested for the first time and gets sent to Siberia.
  • Stali Joins Party

    Stali Joins Party
    In 1903, while he was in Siberia, Stalin came to know about the split in the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party. The faction under the leadership of Vladimir Lenin came to be known as the Bolsheviks while the admirers of Julius Martov formed the Mensheviks. Meanwhile, Stalin, producing false documents and certificates managed to return to Russia.
  • Stalin Escapes

    Stalin Escapes
    Stalin escapes from Siberia and returns to Georgia. Upon his escape from Siberia, Stalin naturally gravitated toward Lenin and Bolshevism, but he failed to distinguish himself in the next few years even within the tiny Bolshevik group in Georgia, gaining a reputation mainly for his extremism and abusive manner in party meetings.
  • Stalin Gets Married

    Stalin Gets Married
    Stalin Marries his first wife Yekaterina Svanidze and later has his first child Yakov .
  • Stalin's Wife Dies.

    Stalin's Wife Dies.
    Stalin's wife dies of tuberculosis.
  • Russian Revolutin Begins

    Russian Revolutin Begins
    After returning to Petrograd from exile, Stalin ousted Molotov and Shlyapnikov as editors of Pravda. He then took a position in favor of supporting Alexander Kerensky's exsisting government.Stalin and Pravda shifted to opposing Kerensky government. At this conference, Stalin was elected to the Bolshevik Central Committee. In October 1917, the Bolshevik Central Committee voted in favor of an insurrection. Stalin and the the Bolsheviks later overthrew Kerensky.
  • Bolsheviks Seize Control of the Russian Government

    Bolsheviks Seize Control of the Russian Government
    Socialists to power by overwhelming more especially Lenin, anarchy began to majorities, still the more radical Bolshevists raise its hydra-head. The Bolshevists seemed bent upon inaugurating a reign of terror. Everywhere the country was the scene of riotous disturbances.
  • Russian Civil War Begins

    Russian Civil War Begins
    The Russian Civil War was a multi-party war in the former Russian Empire fought between the Bolshevik Red Army and the White Army, the loosely allied anti-Bolshevik forces.
  • Joseph Stalin Marries Nadezhda Alliluyeva

    Joseph Stalin Marries Nadezhda Alliluyeva
    Stalin's wife, who was one of Lenin's secretaries after the revolution, married him when she was 17 and he was 40. As a schoolgirl she looked up to him as a determined and devoted revolutionist.
  • Soviet Invasion of Georgia

    Soviet Invasion of Georgia
    In January, 1921 the Soviet Government decided to annex Georgia. On February 11, 1921 Russian colonists settled in the district of Lorri. Demonstrations took place. On February 16 Bolsheviks set up a Georgian Revolutionary Committee (Georgian Revkom) that was to control “peasants and workers rebellion”.
  • Stalin's First Daughter

    Stalin's First Daughter
    Svetlana was Stalin’s only daughter. Her mother was his second wife, Nadezhda Alliluyeva. Raised by a nurse she only occasionally saw her parents. She was only six when her mother died.
  • Stalin's Five Year Plan Begins

    Stalin's Five Year Plan Begins
    The first Five Year Plan introduced in 1928, concentrated on the development of iron and steel, machine-tools, electric power and transport.However, while the plan encouraged industrialization, it damaged Soviet agriculture to such an extent that it didn't recover until after the Second World War. The plan was considered by the Soviet leadership so successful in this sense that the second Five-Year Plan was declared in 1932, lasting until 1937.
  • Nadezhda Alliluyeva Dies

    Nadezhda Alliluyeva Dies
    Nadezhda Alliluyeva had a tragic life, and took with her to her grave the secret of the fatal gunshot that cut short her life.
  • Sergey Kirov is Killed

    Sergey Kirov is Killed
    Sergey Kirov, a leader of the Russian Revolution, is shot to death at his office by Communist Party member Leonid Nikolayev, likely at the instigation of Joseph Stalin.
  • Joseph Stalin Is Named Time Magazine's 'Person Of The Year'

    Joseph Stalin Is Named Time Magazine's 'Person Of The Year'
    Stalinists claim that their hero: — Fought off the White Russian forces in Siberia. — Defended Petrograd against White General Nikolai Yudenich in 1918. — Saved the Donets coal-mining region from General Anton Denikin's forces. — Was responsible for early Russian successes in the Polish War of 1920. — Saved Tsaritsin (now called Stalingrad) from capture in 1918.
  • Leon Trotsky is Killed by Soviet Agent Ramón Mercader

    Leon Trotsky is Killed by Soviet Agent Ramón Mercader
    Mornard had struck Trotsky a fatal blow in the back of the head with a cut-down ice axe concealed in his raincoat. But the blow was not immediately lethal; Trotsky "screamed very long, infinitely long," as Mercader himself put it—and Trotsky courageously grappled with his assassin, preventing further blows.
  • Joseph Stalin's Son Yakov Dzhugashvili Commits Suicide

    Joseph Stalin's Son Yakov Dzhugashvili Commits Suicide
    For years German propagandists misled historians into believing that Dzhugashvili was shot by guards as he tried to escape from Sacksenhausen, where he was imprisoned. Now it has been disclosed that the Russian artillery lieutenant was so overcome by shame at the news of his father's massacre of 15,000 Poles at Katyn in 1940 that he committed suicide by flinging himself on to the camp's electric fence.
  • Joseph Stalin Reestablishes The Russian Orthodox Church

    Joseph Stalin Reestablishes The Russian Orthodox Church
    To increase popular enthusiasm for the war, Stalin reshaped his domestic policies to heighten patriotic spirit. Nationalistic slogans replaced much of the communist rhetoric in official pronouncements and the mass media. Active persecution of religion ceased, and in 1943 Stalin allowed the Russian Orthodox Church to name a patriarch after the office had stood vacant for nearly two decades. In the countryside, authorities permitted greater freedom on the collective farms.
  • Joseph Stalin Drafts The 'Stalin Note'

    Joseph Stalin Drafts The 'Stalin Note'
    In a 1952 exchange of notes between the Soviet Union and the Western occupation powers, Stalin proposed new negotiations for a peace treaty in which German unification would be coupled with German neutrality and the withdrawal of all foreign troops from German territory. Adenauer declined to pursue this offer. There has been a heated debate among German historians on the sincerity of Stalin's offer and the question of whether the offer was a missed chance for German reunification.
  • Joseph Stalin Alleges 'Doctors Plot' To Assassinate Soviet Leaders

    Joseph Stalin Alleges 'Doctors Plot' To Assassinate Soviet Leaders
    Shortly before he died on March 5, 1953, Soviet dictator Josef Stalin accused nine doctors, six of them Jews, of plotting to poison and kill the Soviet leadership. The innocent men were arrested and, at Stalin's personal instruction, tortured in order to obtain confessions. "Beat, beat, and again beat," Stalin commanded the interrogators.
  • Jospeh Stalin Dies.

    Jospeh Stalin Dies.
    On 1 March 1953, after an all-night dinner in his Kuntsevo residence Stalin did not emerge from his room, having probably suffered a stroke that paralyzed the right side of his body. Although his guards thought that it was odd for him not to rise at his usual time, they were under orders not to disturb him. He was discovered lying on the floor of his room only at about 10 p.m. in the evening. Stalin died four days later, on 5 March 1953, at the age of 74.