Joseph Aloysius Lyons

By Nell'O
  • Joseph is born!!!

    Joseph was born at Stanley,Tasmania. His early education was at St. Joseph's Convent School, Ulverstone.
  • Michael Lyons

    Michael Lyons, Joseph's father, lost ALL the family's money making bets at the Melbourne Cup. He suffered amental breakdown and couldn't care for his wife & children.
  • Joseph returns

    Joseph returns to school, supported by two of his aunts, both from his mother's side of the family.
  • Teaching Days

    Joseph became a pupil-teacher.
  • More teaching efforts.

    Lyons qualified as a teacher , teaching at a few small country schools.
  • A pupil once again

    Joseph became one of the pupils at Tasmainia's first teaching Colleges.
  • Joseph resigns

    He handed in resignation to contest the State seat of Wilmot for labor.
  • MARRIED!!!

    Joseph Aloysius Lyons married Enid Muriel Burnell.
  • votes

    Joseph voted strongly against the conscription referenda.
  • Defeated

    The Labor Party was defeated in the 1919 State election.
  • Leader

    Joseph became leader of a minority Labor government.
  • Note to Wife

    Joseph wrote ' it is just dreadful to come back to what awaits me here [Canberra] but I suppose one day it will all come to an end'.
  • Death

    Joseph Aloysius Lyons died in office.