Jorge Eliecer Gaitan Biography

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  • he was born

    on January 23, 1903 was born in the city of Bogota.
    From very young was determined to graduate as a lawyer
  • he graduated as a doctor of law and jurisprudence and political science

    he onset studies superiors in the National University of Colombia where he graduated as a doctor of law and jurisprudence and political science
  • President of Chamber of Representatives

    He was elected as President of Chamber of Representatives and also served as Professor of Criminal Law at the National University and the Free University, of which he was appointed rector.
  • "National Leftist Revolutionary Union"

    he founded the political movement "National Leftist Revolutionary Union" and its organ newspaper "The Unirismo"
  • Born Gloria Gaitan

    Their only child was born Gloria Gaitán, from his marriage to Amparo Jaramillo
  • Minister of Education

    He was appointed Minister of Education, from where undertook a literacy campaign introduced free school shoe, school canteens, educational film walking cultural extension and initiated massive National Exhibition of Artists
  • Liberal Party.

    Gaitán was proclaimed unique boss of the Liberal Party.
  • Doctor Honoris

    he received the title of Doctor Honoris Causa in Political and Social Sciences at the Free University
  • presented his latest legal case

    he presented his latest legal case: the acquittal of Lieutenant conservative Jesus Cortes, a soldier accused of the death of journalist Eudoro Galarza Ossa.
  • Jorge Gaitán

    Jorge Gaitán died because of a shot that caused serious injuries
  • March of torches", "March of Silence"

    Gaitán organized several marches among which were known as the "March of torches" and especially the "March of Silence" where he offered a prayer to the President Ospina to help stop the violence and which raised a few hours of silence where only flags and banners were heard moved by the wind.