Volume 1

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Complete Timeline by Amare H.

By Cactos
  • 200,000 BCE

    The Pillar Men

    Hundreds of thousands of years ago on what would become the American continent, a race of creatures, which share many physical traits with humans, are the dominant lifeforms. They are highly intelligent, extremely strong, and quasi-immortal. Their species can only destroyed by sunlight and their own desire to induce the survival of the fittest. They are given the name Pillar Men by modern-day scientists.
  • 100,000 BCE

    Kars is born

    Kars is a Pillar Man
  • 90,000 BCE

    Esidisi is born

    Esidisi is a Pillar Man
  • 10,000 BCE

    Wamuu is born

    Wamuu is a Pillar Man
  • 8000 BCE

    Santana is born

    Santana is a Pillar Man
  • 7500 BCE

    Kars vs. the Pillar Men

    Pillar Men and humans coexist but Kars seeks to rise above his all nature and lead as supreme ruler. He creates the Stone Masks as a way to unlock his full potential, which works on humans, but fails in his species' biology. Instead, he uses the Stone Masks on humans, creating the first vampires. His race sees him as a threat and seek to kill him. The Pillar Men are brought to the brink of extinction in a bloody conflict, with only Kars, his assistant Esidisi, Wamuu, and Santana surviving.
  • 5000 BCE

    The art of Hamon is created

    Humans develop the martial art of Hamon(Ripple) to defend themselves against Pillar Men. The martial art utilizes the same energy emitted by the Sun through controlled breathing to producing ripples of electric power. Objects that contact with the ripple take on mystical properties. Only one in ten thousand individuals possess the natural aptitude to use Hamon, with some proficiency being able to be passed down via bloodlines. The early adopters of this form become known as the Ripple Clan.
  • 50 BCE

    The Super Aja and the (near) extinction of the Hamon Clan

    KKars discovers that Stone Mask can be transformed via a flawless Red Stone of Aja (or Super Aja), a jewel that can refract light millions of times over. Kars, Esidisi, and Wamuu abandon Santana in Ancient Mexico and travel to Rome in search of the stone. The Pillar Men nearly destroy the Ripple Clan, but do not find the Super Aja. They are forced to hibernate due to their lengthy sleep cycle, and fuse with a stone wall under the Roman Coliseum
  • Dario Brando is born

  • William Anthonio Zeppeli is born

  • Zeppeli meets Tonpetty

    Tonpetty instructs him in the martial art of Hamon
  • Straizo is born

  • Robert E. O. Speedwagon is born

  • Dio Brando is born

  • Jonathan Joestar (JoJo) is born

    Jonathan Joestar is born to George I and Mary Joestar. Mary Joestar purchases a Stone Mask in London, but is soon killed in a carriage incident. George Joester is saved by Dario Brando, and eventually frees Dario from a London prison.
  • Erina Pendleton is born.

  • Dario Brando is killed

    Dario Brando is poisoned by his son, Dio Brando.
  • Dio adopted by the Joestars

    Dio is adopted by George Joestar, as per a promise made to Dario. Jonathan meets Dio.
  • JoJo meets Erina

    They become in love with each other
  • Dio becomes a vampire

    JoJo suspects Dio has poisoned George and travels to Ogre Street to find evidence. He meets Speedwagon. Returning to the Joestar manor, Jonathan and Speedwagon confront Dio with evidence and the police. Dio uses the Stone Mask, turning him into vampire. George dies protecting JoJo. The Joestar manor is burned to the ground as a result of JoJo and Dio's fight. Speedwagon and Erina visit Jonathan in the hospital after leaving the manor. Dio emerges from the ruins of the Joestar manor hours later.
  • JoJo learns Hamon

    JoJo meets Zeppeli, who begins to teach him Hamon. After a week of training, Jonathan is considered a master in the marital art.
  • Zeppeli dies

    The once dead English knights, Tarkus and Bruford, are reborn as servants of Dio. Zeppeli is killed in a fight with Tarkus. JoJo kills both Tarkus and Bruford, leaving their souls at rest.
  • Dio is defeated

    JoJo confronts Dio on top of the Windking's Lot prison. JoJo hits Dio with a blast of Hamon, causing the body of Dio to be destroyed.. Speedwagon destroys the Stone Mask that transformed Dio.
  • George Joestar II is born

    George Joestar II is born to Erina and the late Jonathan Joestar
  • JoJo and Erina are married

    They leave on a steamer headed for America the day after
  • JoJo dies aboard the steamer

    The living head of Dio attacks Jonathan on board the steamer. Jonathan is killed in the fight. All other passengers aboard the steamer are killed in a fire caused by the fight except for Erina and an infant named Elizabeth.
  • Erina and Elizabeth

    Erina and Elizabeth are rescued off the coast of the Canary Islands.
  • The Speedwagon Foundation

    Speedwagon, now a oil baron, founds the Speedwagon Foundation. The foundation serves the fields of medical research and environmental conservation, while maintaining connections with underworld groups and studying supernatural phenomena.
  • Caesar Zeppeli

    Caesar A. Zeppeli is born to Mario Zeppeli and an unknown mother.
  • Elizabeth goes into hiding

    George II is killed by a zombie posing as a RAF pilot. Elizabeth takes vengeance of her husband's death, but is considered a criminal guilty of murdering a military officer. She leaves the Joestars and fakes her own death via the help of The Speedwagon Foundation. She officially changes her name to Lisa Lisa.
  • Nazis find the Pillar the Remaining Pillar Men

    Five years before they awaken, German Nazis uncover the Pillar Men underneath the Roman Coliseum.
  • Joseph moves to New York

    Joseph and his grandmother Erina immigrate to New York City
  • The other Pillar Men Awaken

    Towards the end of the year, Kars, Wamuu, and Esidisi awaken from their two-thousand year sleep.
  • Santana awakens

    Santana awakens in a Nazi compound in the Mexican desert and escapes containment. Joseph learns that Speedwagon is alive within the same Nazi compound and travels to Mexico to rescue him. Joseph meets the Nazi officer Rudol von Stroheim, and together they fight to contain Santana. Stroheim is killed in the battle by a grenade, and with his dying words tells Joseph to "meet someone in Rome" who Speedwagon also knows. Santana is contained once more.
  • Joseph meets Caesar

    Joseph and Speedwagon travel to Rome and meet Caesar Zeppeli, who has received instruction on how to use the Ripple from Lisa Lisa.
  • The Wedding Rings of Death

    A Nazi officer named Mark meets Joseph, Caesar, and Speedwagon in Rome. Under the instruction of Stroheim, he drives them to the Coliseum. While being experimented upon, Wamuu fully awakens and kills several dozen Nazi officers. Kars and Esidisi fully awaken shortly after. Caesar euthanizes Mark before being incapacitated. Joseph damages Wamuu, and receives the Wedding Rings of Death from Wamuu and Esidisi, which will kill him in 33 days.
  • Joseph begins training

    Joseph meets Lisa Lisa in Venice, and begins training to use Hamon
  • Lisa Lisa has the Super Aja

    Lisa Lisa reveals to Joseph and Caesar she is in possession of the Super Aja following their training
  • Esidisi steals the Super Aja

    Esidisi attacks the gang while they finish their training.Joseph defeats Esidisi and uses his antidote to remove Esidisi's Wedding Ring of Death. Before his death, Esidisi steals the Super Aja and sends it to Switzerland, where Kars has been in hiding. Joseph, Caesar, and Lisa Lisa follow the Super Aja to Saint Moritz. Kars kills several Nazi officers who have followed Lisa Lisa to Switzerland. Stroheim is still alive, having replaced his destroyed body parts with cybernetics.
  • Caesar's Sacrifice

    In the ruins of Gessler's fortress, Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli, after recovering Wammu's antidote for the Wedding Ring of Death, is crushed to death after fighting Wamu. Joseph and Lisa Lisa discover Caesar's blood bubble containing Wammu's antidote and briefly mourn for him. Joseph and Lisa Lisa manage to convince Kars and Wamu to a fair one versus one fight.
  • The Ultimate Lifeform

    At the stroke of midnight, Joseph fights Wamuu in a chariot race in an ancient coliseum populated by vampires created by the Pillar Men. Wammu is killed by Joseph, and he finally drinks Wammu's antidote. Lisa Lisa and Kars fight, and she loses.
    Joseph and Kars fight over the course of several hours. The battle end when Kars, becoming the Ultimate Life Form using the Super Aja, is sent flying upwards by the force of an exploding volcano. The momentum carries him into space, where stays forever.