John Wayne

By bad77
  • Born

    Born in Winterset, Iowa
  • Started college at USC

  • first leading role in a movie

    The Big Trail
  • Married his first wife

    Josephine Saenz
  • Became a major movie star

    The movie Stagecoach
  • exempted from service in WWII

    Do to his age, 34 he was not allowed to join
  • starred in the movie The Searchers

  • battle lung cancer

    Had his left lung removed
  • won an academy award

    won an Oscar for playing Rooster Cogburn In the movie True Grit
  • Awarded the Presidential Medal Of Freedom

  • Starred in the movie The Shootist

    He played J.B. Books.
  • Helped to ratify the Panama Canal Treaty

  • Died

    do to lung and stomach cancer. He was 72