John Polkinghorne (16 October, 1930- present)

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  • Appointed as a Professor at Cambridge

    Appointed as a Professor at Cambridge
    Hired to teach the newly created field of mathematical physics at Cambridge. While teaching he would continue to do research in the field. This research would help to lead the discovery of the quark and other mathematical concepts in particle physics and quantum mechanics.
  • Elected to the Royal Society

    Elected to the Royal Society
    Was elected to be a fellow of the Royal Society for his discovery of mathematical models to map the paths that quantum particles take. The Royal Society is made up of prestigious scientists in the fields of the Natural Sciences.
  • Ordained as a Priest

    Ordained as a Priest
    Launched his career in theological studies by becoming an ordained priest in the Church of England. The ceremony occurred in the Westcott house in Cambridge, not far from where he used to teach.
  • "The Way the World Is" Published

    "The Way the World Is" Published
    John Polkinghorne's book that explains his decision to change careers is published. After he left his job as a professor and his post in Cambridge in 1979 to become an ordained priest, he was often questioned by fellow scientists. He described to the readers how he had not become disillusioned by science, but he wanted to look for truths in other fields besides science. He also lists his long-standing relationship with religion as a further reason for his career change.
  • Received Templeton Prize

    Received Templeton Prize
    Was awarded the Templeton Prize for his work in theology and in trying to find cooperation between science and religion. The Templeton prize as valued at over a million pounds and is given for work in promoting the spiritual aspect of life, whether through research, or good works. View on the bridge between science and religion