John Paul Jones

By robmat3
  • John Paul was born

    John Paul was born
    John was born in Kirkcudbright, Scotland
  • Period: to

    john paul jones

  • Becomes Apprenticed

    Becomes Apprenticed
    Went to sea in the Friendship to visit his brother, William in Virginia
  • Becomes slave-trader

    Becomes slave-trader
    John becomes a slave-trader on the King George to get money because it was the fastest way to get money.
  • John's dad died

    John's dad died
    Johns is heartbroken when heard the news that his father had died.
  • John visits

    John visits
    This was the last time john visited his parents.
  • Becomes owner

    Becomes owner
    John becomes owner of the ship, John.
  • became known by john jones

    became known by john jones
  • Arrives to Fredricksburg, VA

    Arrives to Fredricksburg, VA
    Jones met influential Virginia revolutionaries.
  • Wrote a letter to the US Navy

    Wrote a letter to the US Navy
    John decided about his desire of a naval appointment. His request coincides with the birth of the American Navy.
  • Hoisted American flag

    Hoisted American flag
    John put up the American flag on the ALFRED.
  • Jones Capture British Ships

    Jones Capture British Ships
    He destroys eight other ships
  • Becomes captain

    Becomes captain
    John becomes commisioned to be captain of the Ranger in the U.S Navy by the Continental Congress.
  • Commands th Ranger

    Commands th Ranger
    On that ship he said that I intend to go in harms way.
  • Jones sail to France

    Jones sail to France
    Jones is capitan of the Ranger, he takes two small British ships on the route.
  • Raided Whitehaven,Scotland

    Raided Whitehaven,Scotland
    His crew was the first American vesal to attack the British at home.
  • Jones gain recongnizion in France

    Jones gain recongnizion in France
    Ranger becomes first US ship recognized by foreign power
  • Went to battle

    Went to battle
    Johns small vesal,RICHARD, went to battle with the SERAPIS,and won,but the Richard sunk.
  • Thanks

    The Continental Congress thanks John for his brave work.
  • George Washington

    George Washington
    Letter of congratulation from George Washington for the surrender of the British frigate Triumph.
  • Jones finds love

    Jones finds love
    Sails to France and met with mysterious "Madame T".
  • John Paul Jones gets sword

    John Paul Jones gets sword
    He gets rewarded a sword by King Louis XVI from France. Inscribed in the sword said " Freedom of the Seas.".
  • Washington offers him money

    Washington offers him money
    Jones was very sick but he does not accept.
  • john paul died

    john paul died
    He died alone in his apartment at age 45. In 1905 his body is transferred to US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.
  • john paul jones is buried in paris

    john paul jones is buried in paris