John lennon

John Lennon

By Larn
  • Birth

    John Winston Lennon was born October 9, 1940 at 6:30 am, during a raid by the Luftwaffe on Liverpool. His parents - Julia and Alfred Lennon. John became the first and last of their child - soon after his birth, Julia and Alfred went.
  • Period: to

    Life of John Lennon

  • School day's

    In 1952, Lennon was in high school Kuorribenk. In the study, and here he has not achieved much success, quickly found themselves in the class C for the most slow learners. In this case violated the discipline of regular Lennon)
  • The Quarrymen

    The Quarrymen
    In 1956, John along with their school friends formed the band The Quarrymen, named in honor of the school where they studied. Lennon himself Quarrymen played the guitar. Besides him, the group participated in five people has also played on a guitar, two drums, a banjo man and one best friend, Pete Shotton, John, - on a washboard.
  • Paul McCartney in band The Quarrymen

    Paul McCartney in band The Quarrymen
    Lennon met Paul McCartney and took it to the Quarrymen. Soon after McCartney led a group of his friend George Harrison. This day can be considered as a starting point in the history of The Beatles.
  • Mummy's Dead

    John's mother died. When she crossed the road, knocked her to the car the police officer. Death of Julia Lennon was the hardest for a shock. Later, he dedicated it to a few songs - «Julia», «Mother» and «My Mummy's Dead». The death of the mother strongly influenced him in the future. Since Lennon was very much attached to Julie, it's almost all women looking for his mother.
  • The Beatles

    The Beatles
    The group ceased to exist in the Quarrymen in 1959, when the name appeared - first Silver Beetles, then - The Beatles.
  • Wedding

    John Lennon marries Cynthia Powell.
  • The birth of a son

    The birth of a son
    John and Cynthia Lennon was born the son of John Charles Julian Lennon.
  • Film

    John once starred in a movie: it was the movie "How I Won the War"
  • Lennon - hippy

    Lennon - hippy
    Lennon influenced Timothy Leary book "Psychedelic Experience" became interested in drugs. He became estranged from the rest of the group and turned down the role of its leader. The appearance of Lennon, as well as other members of the group has changed a lot. Beatles no longer dress in neat suits, grow long hair, mustache and sideburns. The image of Lennon's first appearance famous round glasses.
  • Wedding 2

    Wedding 2
    registered the marriage of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. After marrying Lennon changed his middle name is Winston Ohno, and now his name was John Ono Lennon. Their honeymoon couple met in continental Europe - Paris, Amsterdam and Vienna, and then visited Montreal. Lennon's song about the marriage, «The Ballad of John and Yoko», published in 1969.
  • the second son

    the second son
    John Lennon had a son named Sean. After this, Lennon said that terminates a musical career and the next five years dedicated to his son. During all these years, he once appeared in public - when he was finally given official permission to reside in the United States. This happened in 1975, and October 9. He was also invited to a private reception U.S. president Jimmy Carter, along with Yoko
  • Death

    John Lennon was killed by a U.S. citizen by Mark David Chapman. On the day of Lennon's death gave his last interview with American journalists, and 22 hours and 50 minutes, when John and Yoko were under the arch of his home, returning from a recording studio Hit Factory, Chapman, earlier in the day has taken from Lennon's autograph on the cover of new album «Double Fantasy», which was released three weeks earlier, made five shots into his back, four of which succeeded. Police car, caused by the