John f kennedy president

John F Kennedy's Life

  • Birth

    John F Kennedy was born on May 29, 1917 in Brookline Massachussets . He was very sick as a kid but he loved to play sports and he was very good at it . He was not good at school . John was very friendly and was awsome at sports.
  • gets married to Jackie and had two kids

    gets married to Jackie and had two kids
    John married Jackie and they had two kids Carioline and John and they all lived in the White House.Carioline is older than John. .
  • went to Collage at Harvared Universery

    went to Collage at Harvared Universery
    John went to Harvared Universery to get better at many things but he went to become a senetor.
  • Joins the Navy

    Joins  the Navy
    John joined the navy he had many friends aboared with him. One day his boat got blown up and he had to save a crew member's life who broke his leg. He got a medal of bravery for it.
  • The Cold War

    The Cold War
    The Cold War hade no shooting or blowing up it was the USA scared that Russa was going to harm us so we spied and they did to . We were only scared because Russa was transported rockets to Cuba and we thought they might be in on it to.
  • Wins the Election

    Wins the Election
    John won the election on November 8 ,1960 against Hubert Humphrey and Wayne Morise but they lost to John, thats how JFK became the president of the USA.
  • Bay Of Pigs

    Bay Of Pigs
    Fidel Castro was americas threat because he had wepons and missels and we were afraid that he would use them. We tried to bomb his air field and take out his equipment but many planes missed or got shotdown we
    to attack a few months later and the mission was called opperation mongosse. And it was to take out the Cuban goverment.
  • Death

    John F Kennedy was assassinated in a open roof car well attending a parrade on November 22 ,1963. He was shot in the head.