John Cabot Timeline

  • 1497

    John sets sail

    In May of 1497, John Cabot sets sail. He set sail from Bristol, England
  • 1497

    Cabot explores North America

    In the summer of 1497, John Cabot explores North America. He explored the coast
  • Jun 24, 1497

    Cabot's ship hits land

    His ship reached Newfoundland. He was the first European to set foot on it. He eventually headed back to England
  • 1498

    Attempt 2

    In early 1498, Cabot tries again. This time, with a fleet of 5 ships.
  • Cabot attempts to establish a settlement

    Somewhere in late 1949, Cabot tries to establish a settlement in Newfoundland. This was during the winter
  • Cabot and his crew in the winter

    Cabot and his crew had stayed at Newfoundland for the winter. He died somewhere around this time