John Adams by Justin Brickley

  • Pluto is moved from 9 to 8

    Pluto is moved from 9 to 8
    Back then Puto was considered a planet and mathematics changed it's place in the sky. On this day new mathmatics suggested Pluto moved from the ninth to eighth frthest planet from the sun. It was the last time that this happened since 1979.
  • The Birth of a Hero

    The Birth of a Hero
    John Adams was born in Braintree, New England. It was a John Adams was born in Braintree, New England. It was a "sleepy" town, meaning that it was a somewhat dull, repetitious, and generally uneventful town. But sometimes big things can come from small towns. His father's side had lived in Braintree for 4 generations, while his mother was a descendent from the Mayflower.
  • Joseph Cleverly

    Joseph Cleverly
    Joseph Cleverly was also a huge influence on John's life. Adams did not learn much from his former teachers and often skipped school during his childhood. But Joseph was very patient and tried to share his passion of learning with his students. He was able to prepare Adams for Harvard just in time.
  • John Adams Sr.

    John Adams Sr.
    John Adams Sr. had a huge domino effect on his son. Adams dad was persistent on him going to Harvard. Making John Adams go to Harvard caused a huge chain reaction. If he didn't go to Harvard, he would have never become a lawyer, gone into politics, and become President.
  • The Lightning Rod

    The Lightning Rod
    The famous inventor Benjamin Franklin created the lightning rod in 1752. Franklin was actually fascinated by storms and electricity, making many inventions that used electricity. He actually also came up with the idea of the battery, but just couldn't find a use for it. He described the lightning rod as an 8 to 10 foot pole with a pointed end on it. He wrote all of his ideas and inventions to Peter Collinson, including the lightning rod.
  • Abigail Adams

    Abigail Adams
    Back in the 1700's, women were thought to be not as intellegent as men. Abigail Adams apposed this, keeping to her studies. She actually changed John Adams opinion in women when they first met. They also ended up getting married in 1764.
  • Little Sorrows

    John adams may have been thought to have a happy family, with four children, but it wasn't quite so. In fact he had two children die prematurely. One of them was little Susanna, who was born in 1768 and died a year later. Also, there was Elizebeth, who was stillborn in 1777.
  • Signing of the declaration

    Signing of the declaration
    The signing of the Declaration was a legendary event. It was the seperation of a counntry from it's dictator. It was the birth of a nation and the rise of a people to freedom. That day was so important that it is still celebrated today.
  • Fight at Sea

    Fight at Sea
    Traveling an ocean in the winter during the 18th century was considered crazy, but doing it during wartime was perilous. And doing all this while carrying a famous diplomat was considered just suicide. Well, John Adams did this all in one trip. While on a diplomatic mission to France he was tailed by four British ships. After that they were attacked and under siege by another ship from Britain, where John Adams had to help in the act of defense. They were just able to escape.
  • Drafting Freedom

    Drafting Freedom
    John Adams was one of the original five people chosen to draft the Declaration of Independence. The other people chosen were Thomas Jefferson, Benjamim Franklin, Roger Sherman, and Robert Livingston. Jefferson was the one who actually drafted it, while Adams made alterations, corrections, and suggestions.
  • First Vice-President

    First Vice-President
    John Adams was not only the second president, but he was also the first vice president. Though it was considered a very high up position, Adams wasn't very fond of it. He said it was "One of the most insignifigant jobs yet created." He also mentioned how non-elected officials had more power than him.
  • President of the United States, Johnn Adams

     President of the United States, Johnn Adams
    John Adams was the second President of the U.S.A. The election took place in 1796, with a total of 11 candidates running against each other. He received 34 of 69 ballots cast, almost half, but seeing that the other votes were divided amongst ten other candidatees the vote was unanimously in Adams favor. The Vice President was Thomas Jefferson who had received three less votes than John Adams had. received.The election had been very close
  • The Loss of a Legend

    The Loss of a Legend
    John Adams died on the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of the Independence. He also died in the same town that he was born, Braintree (which was renamed Quincy).His last words, which pained him deeply, were "Thomas Jefferson still survives,". What he did not know though was that Jefferson had died mere hours before Adams had.