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John A. MacDonald's Life

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    Life Span Of John A. MacDonald

  • Becoming a Lawyer

    After leaving school in 1830, MacDonalds parents thought he should become a lawyer because " law was a broad, well-trodden path to comfort, influence events power,' as quoted by his father Hugh MacDonald.
  • Rebellions of Upper and Lower Canada

    The rebellions of Upper and Lower Canada was the pea of MacDonalds legal career. This is becuase he was givin the reputation of " a conservative who was not afraid to battle for Liberal principles."
  • Entering The Polotics World

    John enetered polotics in this year. This is important because he was a lwyer before he became interested in polotics.
  • First Elected

    He was elected to legislate Canada in this year.
  • Gaining Recognition

    For three years before 1847, John gained recognition from his peers and was appointed Reciever General in William Henry Draper's government.
  • Liberal-Conservative Party

    John helped with the founding of the liberal-comservative party in this year under the leadership of Sir Allan McNab. This party grew and John was appointed The Attorney-General.
  • His Political Career Keeps Growing

    In 1856 and 1857, John's political career grew and he was given the job of Joint Premier of The Province Of Canada with Sir Etienne-Paschal Tache. In 1857, Sir Etienne-Paschal resigned and George-Etienne Cartier took his place.
  • Great Colition

    George Brown joined with MacDonald's conservatives and George-Etienne Cartier's Parti Bleu to form the Great Coalition in this year.
  • First election and keeping up his title

    In 1867, John was elected Prime minister for the first time, and he kept up this title being re-elected in 1871 and 1882.
  • Taking Bribes

    In his second term as Prime Minister, John was accused of taking bribes to award contracts for the construction of the railway and was forced to resign.
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    His Effect

  • Face On The Ten

    Face On The Ten
    Even today, his importance is still shown becuase john's face is on the ten dollar bill.
  • The Statues

    The Statues
    Today there are statues of him everywhere. This is because he has had such a great impact on Canada and the politics of Canada.
  • Books

    Today there are still books being published and read about Sir John A. MacDonald. There are also many books being read about him and his life.
  • His Effect Lives On

    Even thought Sir John A. MacDonald is long gone, his life and his effect on the country still lives on. This is shown in all of the things named after him and everything else(i.e. money&books) about him is definetly still read and researched.