Johann Sebastian Bach

  • Birth

    Johann Sebastian Bach born in Eisenach, Turingia, 21 March 1685
  • Began to study...

    Began to study at the Latin school in Eisenach.
  • Start composing

    With 15 years old he eave Ohrdruf Luneburg .He ntered in the San Miguel School. He Composes three organ works: Christ, der du bist der helle Tag, BWV 766, O Gott, du Frommer Gott, BWV 767, Sei gegruesset, Jesu guetig, BWV 768
  • He was appointed Kapellmeister

    In August he was appointed kapellmeister in Neuekirche in Arnstadt and he composed 6 works for organ
  • Sonata for keyboard (key) BWV 963

    He composed the Sonata for keyboard (key) BWV 963
  • Organist at the church of San Blas

    Organist at the church of San Blas
    On June 15 he was appointed organist at the church of San Blas in Mühlhausen .
  • Wedding

    He married with Maria Barbara Bach in Dornheim,Maria Barbara Bach had got 23 years old.
  • First daughter

    He had got her first daughter,Catharina Dorothea, born on 25 December
  • Organist at Halle

    Bach competes for the post of organist at Halle.
  • Rejects the position

    Halle rejects the position and is promoted to Konzertmeister in Weimar on 2nd March.
  • He composed Musical Offering BWV 1079

    He composed and published in September the Musical Offering BWV 1079.
  • Bach death

    It is operated by the oculist John Taylor in March-April. He died on July 28. He is buried in the cemetery of the Johanniskirche July 31.