(JM)-Fallen Angels-Walter Dean Myers-fiction-309pages

  • chapters1-2 pages 1-23

    The main character, Perry, has just arrived in Vietnam with servral difforent people. He quickly becomes friends with a man nick named Peewee. He and Peewee are then transfered to an area with a few other guys where perry already has a friend.
    pages read 23 total pages read 587
  • chaters 2-4pages 45-70

    Perry is now in veitnam and talks to his CO about his bad knee and asks about his medical profile. His CO told him to continue as normal, so perry got settled in and he also recieved his weapons. Pages read-25 total pages read-612
  • chapters 4-6 pages 70-90

    Perry goes out on his first mission and unforuantly sees one of his own goy blown up by a hiden mine. on another mission he and his squad are walking around on a mission with a telivision crew. As they aprouch the end of that mission they see an enemy a kill him. pages read 20 total pages read 632
  • chapters 7 pages90-104

    perry comes down with severe runs and misses a patrol run with his squad. Peewee come in later that day and gives perry a hard time and they joke around. The next day his CO puts him on "loan" to another company because he missed his patrol the other day. Pages read-10 total pages read-646
  • chapters7-11 pages 104-200

    Perry goes on several more missions and one of them a film crew fallows him. one mission an enemy soldier pops up and tries to shoot him but falls and being spooked perry blows the guys head off. this at the time has freaked Perry out and he is mentally very upset over what he did and saw on the mission. pages read-96 toatl pages read-742
    pages read-96 total pages read-
  • chapters 11-13 pages 200-265

    perry goes on a mission and at the end of it he finds himself shot and injured but not enough to go home. he later returns to his unit and things seem to be normal. he recieves mail from his mom saing that she wrote his friend peewee and tells him some of what happened back at home. pages read-65 total pages-807
  • chapters13-16 pages265-309

    perry continues to stuggle the man he killed and the entire company starts to try to work through when the war will be over and how they will get through it. perry goes on another mission and is scared he starts to reacht he end of his rope but he completes the mission. later perry and peewee and the rest of his company are headed back to the united states back from veitnam. pages read- 44 total pages read-851