Jimmy carter

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  • Senator

    After all the votes got in for who was going to be part of the State Senate, they had announced that Carter had lost by 139 vote to Homer Moore.
  • Jimmy Carters Recount

    Jimmy Carters Recount
    Jimmy Carter wanted a recount and the recounting committee agrees there will be a new election for the both of them. On November the sixth, Carter won by 831 votes.
  • Focus on improving education

    Focus on improving education
    Before he left his position as a senator he made sure to improve education. With his determination, he improved education in multiple ways.
  • Reorganizing Georgia's System

    Reorganizing Georgia's System
    In his two terms as Senator, he accomplished many things. One accomplishment is when he promoted the need for reorganizing Georgia's system while in office.
  • Carter for Governor

    Carter for Governor
    Carter said he will run for Governor for his hometown state. On September 15, 1966, Carter did not become Governor, but his determination did not stop him from running again.
  • Jimmy loses his first race

    Jimmy loses his first race
    This is the only political race he ever lost. Carter never let failure get the best of him and he tried once more.
  • Carter runs for Governor again!

    Carter runs for Governor again!
    After losing in 1966 for the Governor of Georgia he has come back to run again. While Carter is running for Governor his former opponent, Carl Sanders is running again too.
  • Carter wins!

    Carter wins!
    After all his hard work he finally became the Governor of his hometown state. This wouldn't be his last accomplishment either, nor his greatest.
  • Carter Runs for President

    Carter Runs for President
    On the 12 of December Carter said he would be joining the election for the future 39th president. With all his dreams coming true, he felt lucky and played the lottery.
  • Carter wins Texas over!

    Carter wins Texas over!
    Carter had gone to Texas for the Spanish vote, so he could win the election. While he was there, he won over many people's thoughts. After he was finished with his speeches he had won Texas over.
  • Carter wins President!

    Carter wins President!
    But he didn't just hit the lottery. He hit the jackpot. He became the 39th president of the United States and served until 1981.
  • Treaty for Panama canal

    Treaty for Panama canal
    Carter meets with the President of Panamanian to sign a treaty for the Panama Canal, so we can provide control over it. Until 1999 when the Panamanian government took control of it,
  • Past president

    Past president
    Carter moved back to Plains, Georgia after his presidency ended and this is where he resides today.
  • Past President 2

    Past President 2
    He continues to work for human rights and peace throughout the world through organizations such as:
    Carters Presidential Center
    Carter Center at Emory University
    International Network Council
    Jimmy Carter Work Project
  • Past president 3

    Past president 3
    He continues to help low-Income families. He also works with leaders around the world to build peace.
  • Past president 4

    Past president 4
    For his dedication to humanitarian efforts and ending international conflict, Carter was awarded The Nobel Peace Prize.