Jim Jones, leader of Peoples Temple

Timeline created by KristelCambero
  • Birth

    Jim Jones was born in Crete, Indiana
  • Sacrament of holy orders

    Sacrament of holy orders
    He began working as a self-ordained Christian minister in small churches around Indianapolis
  • Joined in Comunism

    Joined in Comunism
  • First church

    First church
    Jones opened his first Peoples Temple church in Indianapolis
  • Move

    Jones moved his small congregation to Northern California
  • New Move

    New Move
    He recolated his organization´s headquarters to San Francisco and also opened a temple in Los Angeles
  • Civilization

    A small group of Jones’ followers went to Guyana to establish an agricultural cooperative on a tract of jungle in Guyana, later, he and more than 1000 followers joined them and moved there.
  • Leo Ryan and his group try to left Jonestown

    Leo Ryan and his group try to left Jonestown
    Ryan and a small group of Peoples Temple defectors left Jonestown in search of freedom. Then, they were murdered by a gunmen sent by Jim Jones
  • "Revolutionary act"

    "Revolutionary act"
    Jones forced his followers to poison themself with
    cyanide and grape kool aid
  • Final dead

    Final dead
    He killed himself with a shotgun blast