Jhon Muir

  • born

    born in Dunbar Scottland
  • Period: to

    Jhon Muir

    born in Dunbar Scottland
  • farm work

    started his farm
  • moved to U.S.

  • clocks

    he got prizes for the clocks he had built
  • Univirsity

    studied in the University of Wisconsin
  • blind

    an accident happened at the factory he worked in and got blind for about a month
  • apalachian mountains

    he visited the aalachin mountains
  • home

    California became his home
  • hech-hetchy

    fought for the salvation of Hech-Hetchy valley
  • T.R.

    took president Roosvelt to the mountains and T.R. made many national paks
  • death

    died of pneoumonia