Jesus' Background

  • King Herod

    Herod the Great was born in Idumea
  • Palestine Conquered

    Roman Leader conquers Palestine and enters Jerusalem
  • Herod is now a King

    Herod the Great appointed "King of the Jews"
  • First Roman Leader: Octavian

    Octavian becomes first Roman leader to take the title Augustus, and the first Emporer of Rome. (Emporer comes from military title 'imperator'.
  • Jesus is born

    Jesus called the "Christ" born in Judea.
  • The end of Herod

    Herod the Great dies.
  • Jewish Movement

    Jewish Zealot Movement Begins.
  • Jesus Dies

    Jesus of Nazareth gets crucified
  • The Falls and Destructions

    Destruction of Jeresalem and the Fall of the Temples.