• 500

    A munk writes

    A munk writes about the nations living on the Britain Islands
  • 500

    Invasion from Jutland

    The British Islands were invaded by Saxon's and Jutes. (Jutland, Denmark) and Angels.
  • Period: Nov 21, 1066 to Nov 21, 1470

    A Trilingual Language

    English, French and Latin were the spoken languages
  • Nov 21, 1384

    Latin Words

    From translations from the bible many latin words entered the english vocabulary!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Period: Nov 21, 1451 to Nov 21, 1506

    Christoffer Columbus

    From life to death.
  • Nov 21, 1476

    Dictionaries and Grammarbooks

    The dictionaries and Grammer were writen about the english language. They were almost done
  • Nov 21, 1476

    The first printing press

    William Caxton set up his first printing press.
  • Period: Nov 21, 1476 to

    Time of change

    A lot of new things were found and explored so new words were needed to describe the things.
  • Nov 21, 1564

    William Shakespeare born

  • King James Bible

    Robert Barker publish King James Bible.
  • William Shakespeare die

  • Sir. Isaac Newton

    Sir. Isaac Newton was born!
  • First proper dictionary

    The first proper English dictionary was published by Samual Johnson!!!
  • Pronouncing dictionary

  • Independence

    America gained indepedence from Britain
  • American Dictionary

    Noah Webster published the American Dictionary.
  • Emma

    Novel Emma published by Jane Austin
  • Crappy grammar

    A Scottish visitor reminded U.S.A about there grammar. It was shitty.
  • Hong Kong

    Hong Kong gained full indepedence from Britain
  • Period: to Nov 21, 1066

    Influence on English language

    Latin and Norse made a great impact on the English language
  • Period: to Nov 21, 1000

    The Vikings

    The Vikings established the Danelaw.