Jean Baptiste Lamarck Timeline

By Hamza.A
  • Born.

    French naturalist, born on the 1st of August 1744, at Bazantin, a village of Picardy.
  • Period: to

    Timespan of Jean Baptiste Lamarck

    His entire life
  • Entered Jesuit Seminary.

    The young Lamarck entered the Jesuit seminary at Amiens around 1756.
  • Entered the army.

    But not long after his father's death, Lamarck rode off to join the French army campaigning in Germany in the summer of 1761
  • Peace of the war.

  • Flore Francaise published,

  • Elected to Academy of Sciences.

  • Published three large Botanic volumes.

  • Recieved a Ttitle

  • Promoting other fields

  • Cofounded journal of natural history.

    n 1792 he cofounded and coedited a short-lived journal of natural history, the Journal d’histoire naturelle.
  • Jardin du Roi chaanged to National Museum.

  • Introduced Biology.

    By 1802 Lamarck had also introduced the term biology.
  • Published Hydrogeologie

  • Published a series of books.

  • Starts loosing eyesight.

  • Published second volume of a book.

  • Died