The Life of JB Mauney

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  • Born

    JB Mauney was born on January 9th 1987. His real name is James Burton Mauney. People call him JB for short. He is a bound determined bull rider.
  • JB's Percentage

    JB's Percentage
    JB's riding percentage is over 52%. This is very good considering how many injurys he has had. He is a very strong bull rider.
  • Biggest and Worse Injury

    Biggest and Worse Injury
    JB has had really bad injurys. One of the worst of his injurys was when he was 18. He broke all of the ribs on his right side, hurt his liver and bruised his spleen.
  • High Scored Rides

    High Scored Rides
    He has scored 56 90 point rides out of his career which is very good. He has scored theses from rank bulls. And he has scored them because of how well he gets it done on top of the bull as he is riding.
  • Bulls Riden

    Bulls Riden
    JB has ridden 407 and bulls in his carrier. I bet if you were to ask him he would tell you that it was not easy riding them. He would tell you that if your scared, dont do this sport. You cant be scared to ride bulls if you are your never gonna ride one for 8 seconds.
  • 253 Events

    253 Events
    JB has been to over 253 events in his riding career. He has rode some of the most rankest bulls out there. He has 773 outs and 407 rides in his career.
  • Rode Smackdown!

    Rode Smackdown!
    He rode Smackdown another rank bull. He got one of his 56 90 point rides on him! He had a great day riding this bull! He has had a great career riding some great bulls!
  • Marriage

    He got married to Lexi Wiggly in May. They have been married ever since! They even have a little girl.
  • Changed Hands

    Changed Hands
    He had to change riding hands. He changed them becuase one of his hand got stepped on and broke. He went to riding with his left hand to riding with his right.
  • Getting hit by Bushwacker

    Getting hit by Bushwacker
    JB rode Bushwacker and got bucked off. He got bucked off but went off over Bushwackers head. He got hit in the head with Bushwackers head.
  • The Championship

    The Championship
    He won the world championship in 2013. He won this on Bushwacker with a 90 point ride. He was very proud of that and gave one of the bull fighters (Frank Newsom) a huge hug.
  • The Most Recent Event

    The Most Recent Event
    Winning the 2013 bulit ford tuff serious is the most recent event that he has won. It was the biggest event that he has recently one.
  • Biggest Accomplishment To Him

    Biggest Accomplishment To Him
    In 2013 JB rode one of the rankest bulls out there his name is Bushwacker. This bull was only ridden by a couple of other cowboys and JB tried 9 time before he got the job done!
  • JB Rides against his brother in law!

    JB Rides against his brother in law!
    JB's sister married one of JB's fellow riders. He has to ride against him all the time. He enjoys being able to compete with him.