Jay Gatsby's Real Life

Timeline created by lkrivera
  • James Gatz was born to poor farmers in North Dakota

  • Worked at fishing industry

  • Attended at St. Olaf college

  • Met Dan Cody at Lake Superior

  • Changed his name to Jay Gatsby

  • Dan Cody died

  • Met Daisy Buchanan

  • Went to war

  • Met Mr. Wolfsheim

  • looking for daisy for two years (1918-1919)

  • moved to west egg

  • paid off the house for three years

  • met nick

  • host the party to see if Daisy came to the party (every weekend)

  • met Daisy for first time for five years

  • made plans to see Daisy @ Nick's house

  • inivted Tom and Daisy to the party

  • wanted to repeat five years with Daisy.