Jarred Hatchette

  • Ron's birthday

    Ron's birthday
    On July 22, 1941, Ron Joseph Morel Turcotte was born to Fred and Rose Devost Turcotte
  • Size growing up

    Size growing up
    Turcotte inherited his father’s small size as a gift. Although Fred was also small for a lumberjack and did not have much formal education to share, he encouraged his son to be bigger than his 5 feet 4 inches and 130 pounds.
  • First race

    First race
    Following a set of lucky circumstances, Turcotte found himself at the racetrack in Laurel, Maryland. In 1965, he rode Riva Ridge to a Kentucky Derby win.
  • When he became nationally

    When he became nationally
    He became nationally known and in 1971, Turcotte was introduced to Secretariat.
  • Wining the Triple Crown

    Wining the Triple Crown
    Turcotte, 59, is a French-Canadian sports hero who rode the world renown racing giant Secretariat to the coveted Triple Crown victory in 1973, meaning, the horse won the Kentucky Derby, the Pimlico Preakness in Maryland and the New York Belmont Stakes.
  • Put in hall of fame

    Put in hall of fame
    On August 23, 1980, Turcotte was inducted into the Canadian Sports hall of Fame at the Canadian National Exhibition Grounds in Toronto.
  • Last race

    Last race
    Then last July 13, in his 20,310th race, Turcotte was riding Flag of Leyte Gulf at Belmont Park in New York.In the hospital two steel rods were inserted to realign and support his spine, but Turcotte was paralyzed from the waist down.
  • Now and were he is

    Now and were he is
    He is happily working at a barn.