Japanese Incarceration

  • Naturalization Act

    Naturalization Act limits American citizenship to "white persons and persons of African descent," barring Asians from U.S. citizenship.
  • Gentleman's Agreement

    This only allows women/wives to immigrate which increases population and creates comunities.
  • California's Alien Land Law

    California's Alien Land Law prohibits "aliens ineligible for citizenship" (Chinese and Japanese) from owning property in the state. It provides the model for Similar acts in other states. .
  • Literacy Requirement

    Congress enacts a literacy requirement for immigrants over President Woodrow Wilson's veto. The law requires immigrants to be able to read 40 words in some language. The law also specifies that immigration is prohibited from Asia, except from Japan and the Philippines.
  • The Alien Registration Act

    The Alien Registration Act requires the registration and fingerprinting of all aliens in the United States over the age of 14. The act classifies Korean immigrants as subjects of Japan.
  • Executive Order 9066

    Executive Order 9066
    Executive Order 9066 authorizes the military to evacuate 112,000 Japanese Americans from the Pacific coast and placed them in ten internment camps.
  • The Chinese Exclusion Act, Repealed

    The Chinese Exclusion Act is repealed. By the end of the 1940s, all restrictions on Asians acquiring U.S. citizenship are abolished.
  • The Wives Act

    The Wives Act
    The War Brides Act allows foreign-born wives of U.S. citizens who had served in the U.S. armed forces to enter the United States.
  • The Redress Act

    The Redress Act provides $20,000 compensation to survivors of the World War II internment of Japanese and Japanese Americans.