Jamie Hyneman

By tiast
  • the day he was born

    the day he was born
    Jamie Hyneman was born at Marchal Michigan (us)
  • moving out

    his family went to the caribean area for living in there
  • he left his home

    he left his home
    in this year he moved out of his parent's house ,in the caribean , and moved in san francisco.
  • working

    he created the star wars special effects this year.one of his most important works.
  • the second movie

    the second movie
    in that year his second special effects work was released , makin him a very important and recognized expert in that area.
  • a little more to learn about

    a little more to learn about
    he was recognized as a professional chef.
  • he met his future wife

    he met his future wife
    that day was the day he met Eillen Walsh, the woman how was intended to be his wife.
  • another one

    another one
    this year he worked on the film named MATRIX . in the speciall effects .
  • learning

    he made a special study about russian literature.
  • the show starts

    the show starts
    Jamie whit Adam Savage , tory belleci , grant imahara and kary byron they joined to a discovery channel's new production wich is at the moment very famous.
  • he won a title

    he won a title
    the twente university confered him a title in "crazy enginery"