James' reconstruction and race timeline

  • 14 amendment

    14 amendment
    by 1867 the conferderate states didn't ratified the 14 amenment.The 13 amenment ended slavery. The 14 amenment took another step above that. It exstended population of african americans.
  • black codes

    black codes
    Evets in the southhas been strengthened the radical's determination. In 1866 legisltures of the south had passed laws called the black codes. These are created to control the new freed African americans. There are som black codes are illegal to own or rent farms. Some black codes are for arrest and fine
  • civil rights

    civil rights
    civil rights were used to let people have thier own rights. The congress can override or defeat votes. then the bills became laws. People get into a meeting and make a bill. Then it is sent to the white house and it becomes a law. This is how laws werw made.
  • reconstuction act

    reconstuction act
    by 1867 confederat ratifide the 14 amenment. in responce congress in responce had the first reconstruction act. This law was used to mack new govenments.
  • 15 amenment

    15 amenment
    The southen states rejoined before elections for pesedent. the congress took a big stepi the resonstruction. Then they made the 15 amenment.the amenment was made in1870