James Marshall Hendrix

  • Birth

    Jimi was originally named Johnney Allen Hendrix , and was later renamed James Marshall Hendrix by his father James "Al" Hendrix . Lucille Mitchell Hendrix was his mother she was 17 when he was born .
  • The Start

    The Start
    Although the exact date is unknown the year is . When Jimi was just 14 he saw Elvis Presley preform . He got his first guitar the following year and played with two bands , Rocking Kings and Tom Cats .
  • Highschool

    In 1959 Jimi dropped out of highschool working whatever jobs he could , and continued to follow his musical dream .
  • Army

    In 1961 Jimi enlisted in the army and served until 1962 due to an injury . Although he was enlisted he still found time for music .
  • Are you experienced ?

    Are you experienced ?
    In 1966 Jimi met Chas Chandler , former band member from The Animals . Chandler became Jimi's new manager and convinced Jimi to go to London . Jimi teamed up with Noel Redding , and Mitch Mitchel to create The Jimi Hendrix Experience .
  • First single

    First single
    The band realesed the first single "Hey Joe " then following " Purple Haze " and "The Wing Cried Mary " .
  • Monterey Pop Music Festival

    Monterey Pop Music Festival
    Jimi performed here and captured the American audience which he ended by lighting his guitar on fire .
  • Rock Superstar

    Rock Superstar
    In 1968 Jimi realeased his second album " Axis Bold As Love " and the last album part of The Jimi Hendrix Experience " Electric Ladyland " . The band continued to tour until they split up in 1969 .
  • Death

    Jimi died at only 27 due to drug complications . He was found unresponsive after he had taken barbituates .