James Keegstra

By kandyce
  • Keegstra joins Social Credit Party

    The Social Credit Party was a new political party born in 1932, and when Keegstra was old enough he joined the party himself. This is where he learned of free speech, and extreme views.
  • Lost job

    James Keegstra lost his teaching job after a mother was looking at her sons notes from school. She reported him to the local school board.
  • Charged

    James Keegstra was charged with hate-mongering, after a 70 day trial.
  • Charge overturned

    Alberta Court of Appeal over turned the ruling of hate mongering. The lawyer stated that the hate law was unconstitutional because it denies the freedom of expression.
  • Convicted once again

    Supreme Court of Canada sent back the case and found James Keegstra guilty once again.