James Braddock

  • Braddock vs. Settle

    Braddocks first proffesional fight, Braddock came out of the fight with a draw.
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    Braddock's Boxing Career

  • Braddock vs. Weisberger

    Braddocks first proffesional win. He won by a first round KO
  • Braddock vs Conrad

    Braddock breaks his winning streak and has a draw against Doc Conrad. The funds of the fight all went to a Christmas fund. This was his first draw after 13 straight wins.
  • Braddock vs LaRocco

    After Braddock had another 9 straight wins, he had his third draw of his pro career.
  • Braddock vs Cavalier

    James Braddock's first professional loss. The victory was given to Paul Cavalier by NWS. Braddock's record is now at 23-1-3.
  • Braddock vs Francis

    Braddock had another win after a draw and a loss. He won by NWS. The fight decision was made by the New York Times. This was the beginning of 3 straights wins.
  • Braddock vs Francis Rematch

    After Braddocks victory over Francis a month earlier, Francis was convinced that he was a better fighter than Braddock. Braddock proved him wrong by a big 2nd round knock out.
  • Braddock vs Loughran

    Braddock vs Loughran's fight was considered to be when Braddocks career started to fall. Now with the Grat Depression going on, losing was the last thing Braddock and his family needed. This was when Braddocks career started to have the losses out weigh his wins.
  • Braddock vs Warren

    James Braddock earned his victory well after a big right hand third round knock out against Jake Warren in Brooklyn, New York. Some thought it would be a comeback for Baddock. Their thoughts were wrong as he had another 3 straight losses after.
  • Braddock vs Rosenbloom

    Braddock and Rosenbloom were accused of a pre aranged deal before the fight that Braddock would get the win. The fight got shut down after the second round. Braddock never admitted to the deal being true.
  • Braddock vs Parrile

    Finally a victory for Braddock. Earnings for braddock are getting smaller and smaller because of his loss in popularity since he started to lose more than win.
  • Braddock vs Feldmen

    Braddock dropped out of the fight after the first round after confirming he broke his right hand.
  • Braddock vs Griffin

    Nearly a year after Braddock broke his hand he was ready for another fight. This victory was when things start looking good for Braddock again. HArd work was finally starting to pay off.
  • Braddock vs Baer TITLE FIGHT

    After Braddocks 3 straight wins against top ranked fighter in the world Braddock had a chance at fighting Max Baer, the heavyweight champion of the world and taking that title from him. Braddock won by decision and earned heavyweight champion of the world.
  • Braddock vs Louis

    After 2 years of Braddock having the title as heavyweight champion, Joe Louis challenged him to a title fight and Braddock had a hard loss, Braddock was impressed with Louis' fighting skills and slowed down with his boxing career.
  • Braddock vs Farr

    James Braddocks last fight. He ended on a good note with a victory over British fighter Tommy Farr