J.Sebastian Bach

  • the born

    the born
    J. Sebastian Bach was born in the 21 march of 1685 in Saxony (Germany)
  • Bach attended school for religious isntructions.

  • Mother died

  • Father died

  • travel to luneburg

    He went to luneburg to participated in the coro of the church
  • Bach landed his first job as musician.

  • Bach disappered for months.

  • Bach married Maria Barbara Bach

  • Bach left Arnstadt for a organist position at the Church of St. Blaise in Mühlhausen

  • Bach accepted a position with Prince Leopold of Anhalt-Cöthen.

  • Maria Barabara Bach dies

  • Marries Anna Magdalena Wuleken, 2nd wife

  • Bach created a series of orchestra concertos.

  • The prince dissolved Bach's orchestra

  • Bach began losing his eyesight.

  • Bach performed for the king of Prussia

  • Bach started a new composition called "The Art of Fugue, but he did not complete it.

  • Bach finished Mass in B minor.

  • Bach went ot have surgery to recover eyesight.

  • Bach dies