J.Sebastian Bach

  • He was born,

    He was born in Eisenach, actual Germany.
  • He went study to Lüneburg

    He went to study to the prestigious school of San Miguel.
  • He went to Weimar, Turingia.

    There he worked in to the court in the chapel of the duke johann Ernst III.
  • He went to Mühlhausen, Turingia.

    Where he worked like an organist.
  • He went to Mülhausen,Turingia.

    When he worked like an organist, but he was better paid.
  • He get married with Maria Barbara Bach

    He get married with Maria Barbara Bach
  • He went to Weimar

    Where he worked in the ducal court like a concertmaster
  • He went to Köthen

    He went to Köthen
    Where he met his second wife and worked to the prince Leopold de Anhalt Cöthen
  • He died.

    He died.
    At the age of sixty five.