Israel Keyes

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  • First Abduction

    First Abduction
    Keyes claimed he abducted a teen girl in late afternoon/ late evening on the Deschutes river. She was tubing with her friends when the abduction occurred. Keyes sexually assaulted her and then let her go tube down the river. The victim is believed to be between 14 and 18. Investigators believe the case was never reported to law enforcement. Keyes was living in Maupin, Oregon and the abduction most likely took place near Maupin.
  • First Homicide

    First Homicide
    Keyes lived in Neah Bay, Washington from July to October 2001. He committed his first homicide however the victims identity and location are unknown
  • Discharged from Army

    Discharged from Army
    Keyes was discharged from the Army in Fort Lewis
  • Keyes Death