Israel Keyes

  • First Abduction

    First Abduction
    Keyes claimed he abducted a teen girl in late afternoon/ late evening on the Deschutes river. She was tubing with her friends when the abduction occurred. Keyes sexually assaulted her and then let her go tube down the river. The victim is believed to be between 14 and 18. Investigators believe the case was never reported to law enforcement. Keyes was living in Maupin, Oregon and the abduction most likely took place near Maupin.
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    Israel Keyes Crime Overview

    Serial Killer, arsonist, robber, rapist, and burglar Israel Keyes had led a life of crime, the most notable cases being the murder of Bill and Loraine Currier (June 8, 2011) in Essex, Vermont and the kidnap and killing of Samantha Koenig (February 1-2, 2012) in Anchorage, Alaska. He had no particular modus operandi and his motives derived from the thrill he claimed he got from it, the liking he had for it, and influences he obtained through the studying of other killers, such as Ted Bundy.
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    First Homicide

    Keyes lived in Neah Bay, Washington from July to October 2001. He committed his first homicide however the victims identity and location are unknown
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    Mystery Couple Homicide

    Keyes said he killed an unidentified couple in Washington. He did not tell law enforcement the couples relationship. It is unknown if the victims were residents of Washington, tourists, or residents he abducted from a nearby state and taken to Washington. He hinted these victims were buried in a location near a valley. Keyes possibly moved their car to place distance between where the vehicle was found and where the crime occurred.
  • Discharged from Army

    Discharged from Army
    Keyes was discharged from the Army in Fort Lewis. He had served from 1998 to 2001.
  • Two Separate Murders

    Two Separate Murders
    Summer-fall 2005-2006: Keyes stated he commited two unrelated murders. Keyes disposed of there bodies by using his boat .At least one of the bodies was in Cresent lake Washington using anchors to sink the body. The identity of both victims is unknown.
  • Washington to Alaska

    Washington to Alaska
    3/1/2007-3/9/2007: Keyes drove from Neah Bay, Washington to Anchorage, Alaska. He resided there until his arrest. He made known stops in Cache Creek, British Columbia; Watson Lake, Yukon; Destruction Bay, Yukon; and Teslin, Yukon.
  • Suspicious Travel

    Suspicious Travel
    Keyes flew to Seattle following travel to North Dakota and Arizona. October 31, he rented a car in Seattle. November 2, Keyes flew from Seattle to Boston. Later he returned to Seattle and back to Anchorage on November 5. Law enforcement believes he engaged in criminal activity during this time.
  • East Coast Homicide

    East Coast Homicide
    Keyes admitted to abducting a female from another state on the east coast and transported the body across multiple state lines. The victim was buried in Upstate New York.
  • Bank Robbery

    Bank Robbery
    Keyes robbed a community bank in Tupper Lake New York. Afterwards, he stated he parked in a nearby campground out of the area to wait for emergency vehicles to pass. He claims to have spent multiple hours sitting in the campground.
  • California Travel

    California Travel
    He flew from Anchorage to Sacramento and traveled to Auburn. He rented a vehicle and drove about 280 between the 3 days he was there. Again, law enforcement believes he engaged in criminal activity.
  • Failed Murder

    Failed Murder
    Between April and May 2011, Keyes intended to shoot a couple sitting in their car. He camped out in a park near Anchorage. His plans were destroyed when a police officer pulled into the parking lot. Keyes almost shot the officer but chose not to when anther officer pulled up.
  • Another Fail?

    Another Fail?
    Keyes claimed he staked out the North Fork Trailhead in Eagle River, Alaska. He had the intention of abducting someone. He prepared a cache up the road containing Drano and a shovel for which he intended to use for disposing the body. He denied taking a victim from this location
  • Bill and Lorraine Currier

    Bill and Lorraine Currier
    He traveled from Anchorage to Chicago on June 2. He rented a car and drove to Vermont. June 8, 2011 he admitted to the abduction & murder of Bill & Lorraine Currier. He disposed of a weapon stolen from their home and a gun he used to shoot Bill in Blake Falls Reservoir. These weapons were recovered by the FBI. Later, Keyes traveled around the East Coastand then drove to Chicago. On June 15, Keyes flew from Chicago to San Francisco, only stayed one night, returned to Anchorage on June 16, 2011.
  • Samantha Koenig's abduction

    Samantha Koenig's abduction
    Israel Keyes kidnapped, raped, and brutally murdered Samantha Koenig at her work, Common Grounds Coffee in Anchorage, Alaska. He drove her around gathering her belongings like her phone and boyfriend-linked ATM card. She cooperated with him, in hopes that he would take the money and leave her be. He then locked her in a shed for 2 weeks prior to her death while he went on a cruise in New Orleans.
  • Paradise for a Serial Killer

    Paradise for a Serial Killer
    Israel Keyes left for a 2 week cruise in New Orleans, meanwhile Samantha Koeing is being searched out.
  • Israel Keyes Demands $30,000 from Koenig's Family

    Israel Keyes Demands $30,000 from Koenig's Family
    When Keyes returned from his cruise, he went to back to the shed where he left Samantha Koenig and made it appear that she was still alive. He then tied her up to a chair, took a Polaroid picture of her, and writes "$30.000" on the Polaroid and connected it to the ATM card which ultimately was to her boyfriend and her father.
  • Keyes' Capture, Arrest, and Indictment

    Keyes' Capture, Arrest, and Indictment
    Following the murder of Koenig, authorities tracked Keyes' ATM ransom withdrawals made with Koenig's debit card, identified his vehicle, and caught him March 13, 2012. He was arrested by Texas Highway Patrol in the Cotton Patch Café parking lot in Lufkin, Texas. He was seized for fraudulent debit card use and was a suspect in the Koenig murder. Keyes was held at Anchorage Correctional Complex and, March 30-April 1, 2012, confessed guilty (of other crimes as well) and was indicted on April 18th.
  • Keyes' Death

    Keyes' Death
    While being held in Anchorage Correctional Complex in Anchorage, Alaska following his arrest and awaiting trial, Keyes had committed suicide in his cell on December 1, 2012 and was discovered dead on December 2. He had inflicted fatal wrist cuts on himself and had performed self-strangulation using a rolled bed sheet. With his death, Keyes had written an "Ode to Murder" in the form of a suicide note, though not providing any further information regarding the victims or details of his crimes.